It ain’t a road trip without a playlist

Heidy Pinet summer
In Detroit!

The summer is coming to an end and it wouldn’t be the same without a road trip. Better late than never, here I am spending my hours in Greyhound buses on my way to DJ in places like Detroit and New York. Some people can’t handle it, but whether you prefer planes, cars, trains or buses, it’s always nice to have a perfect playlist to accompany your journey. Here’s a short sample of this year’s trip:

Imagine you’ve been driving for hours and the night is at its peak. You’re in the middle of nowhere so you can finally see some stars. That’s the perfect moment to appreciate a dreamy song like Air’s La mer du Japon.

I don’t think a road trip throughout America would be quite the same without a Bruce Springsteen song.

The indie sensation Vampire Weekend is doing a great cover of his hit I’m going down.

Am & Shawn Lee is making the best sing along songs. Let’s face it too; the live version showing the singer’s moustache is just irresistible!

And since we are road tripping and Detroit is our first stop, I’ll leave you guys with one of my favorite motor city producer: Andrés.

Curious about what will happen in this two-week long road trip? Keep reading Forget The Box. I’ll make sure to keep you posted about my most shameful adventures…

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