It Might Get Loud – A Guitar Documentary

Three generations of rock and roll legends get together to talk about their passion for the guitar in the documentary It Might get Loud.

Image curtosy of Sony Pictures

Starring and music by: Jack White, The Edge and Jimmy Page
Distributed by: Sony Pictures Classics
Directed by: Davis Guggenheim
98 minutes

I’ve always been a film geek, but music has long held an important place in my heart as well. If you’re even a casual reader of the website it’s not hard to ascertain that music also plays a big role in the lives of some of my Forget the Box colleagues. Recently I was over at a friends place watching the documentary It Might get Loud, and something clicked. It felt like the rock n’ roll gods were screaming at me that this would be a great way to talk about two of my favourite things and keep up (for one week at least) with music infused content on the site.

The documentary is an expression of love for the guitar, pure and simple. The camera follows Jack White, The Edge and Jimmy Page around their neighbourhoods for a little one on one time, and then intercuts that with the three sitting in a studio learning each others songs. It’s obvious that the shenanigans the three men have certainly partaken in during their tenure as rock stars has not altered their passion for music. The best part of the film for me was to watch Jack White and The Edge have the look of giddy little school girls plastered all over their faces as Jimmy mother effin’ Page teaches them songs. Even rock n’ roll gods have heroes.

If you happen to be a fan of the bands that the men have been/are apart of (Zepplin, anyone?) I’m just warning you, you’re not going to get the dirt. Jimmy Page never breaks down in tears and admits his secret gay love affair with Robert Plant (but if he had I have a feeling many more people would have checked out this film). What you do get is fun tidbits like The Edge giving the camera a guided tour of where U2 used to practice when they were in school, or Jack White talking about what it was like when the White Stripes played for the Queen.

Jack takes over the documentary in certain parts, but it never bothered me. I think the decision to feature Jack more prominently was made simply because he has the most outgoing personality of the trio, and is a natural front man. I liked getting to learn about The Edge and how important he is to the creative process of U2, even then he’s no Bono.

While music may not be the driving force behind my life, I’ve always appreciated it and being an artist understand how your art dominates every aspect of your life. Whether rock n’ roll is your cup of tea or not, I promise watching It Might Get Loud will make you go out and want to create something magical of your own.

Watch the trailer here and there is no way you won’t want to watch this film!

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