It’s that time of year

Again, I repeat myself.   Please forgive me.

This is about the annual corporate and retail greed festival promoted heavily and annoyingly by all media and by nearly all authority figures since just after the civil war, the Satanic kickoff to the Evil season of Death and extreme weather.   Stories of enslaved demons producing things to make the young people of Earth greedy and full of avarice, willing to debauch themselves in ways that they would never dream of doing at any other time of year.

I firmly believe that trees belong OUTSIDE! or in processing (logs, lumber, paper, etc.) and that anyone who cuts a tree down is damaging the environment by doing so, being stupid by dragging it into their houses, hanging things from it, stringing electric wires through it with lights to prove their laziness in April of May when the lights are still on, complaining about the pine-needles now littering their floors, and ultimately wasting these products.   Artificial trees are still symbols and worse-yet manufactured commodity items that keep the rich getting richer on the backs of everyone else.

The evil season is upon us.   Some people are getting annoying, radio stations and TV channels and the internet are becoming increasingly irritating and extreme greed is greatly encouraged.   Of course, it’s getting bloody cold out, too!   Soon the ground will get slippery and dangerous.

Up with the injuries and deaths and some fat guy in red with enslaved demons doing unnatural things apparently is coming to disappoint people.   I hate this season with a vengeance unparallelled.

Of course, where would Christmas be without the corporate Coca-Cola trademark Santa-Claus, Ol’ “Saint” Nick, of German tradition, giving candy to the good children and beating the bad ones with a stick.   In fact, they were usually beaten severely, even if they were good children.   This, along with a horrible poem we were forced to memorize in elementary school, was instilled to influence us as it is all children to be greedy, to commit avarice and adultery.

More people die of heart attacks on December 25 than any other day of the year.   There is lots of depression around this time of year also, what with the schools being closed and it being too cold and blustery to really go anywhere, especially since we’re not yet used to winter conditions yet in December.

Then there are the constant and annoying ads and carols blaring out of every shopping mall and every radio station and television station and (sigh) even the internet.   It seems that some religious institutions are the safe zones from this nonsense.

The “Messiah” whom Christians refer to as Jesus Christ was supposedly born on this day, the 25 of December, year zero.   It is known that he was actually born around April, 3 BC, but that doesn’t matter.   His birthday was moved by the Romans to coincide with Saturnalia and with the Wiccan Yule.

I have no problem whatsoever with any form of religious expression, but it seems that in the past 200 or so years, God and His Son have had absoloutely nothing to do with Christmas.     Then again, I’m not a Christian.

Today is Monday, December 14, 2009.   It is also the 27th of Kislev, the fourth candle this year, commemorating a great miracle of oil lasting eight days instead of one, after all but one day’s worth of oil was polluted and rendered unuseable by an opposing army, since while defiling the ancient temple, one or more of the soldiers used the oil containers as a toilet.   One lesson learned was that by using candles instead of liquid oil, one can still burn them.

I realize what I just wrote could potentially be construed as offensive, even to my own people, but it’s what happened.   I still don’t like anti-semites, even the semetic ones who wish us Jewish people driven into the sea, obliterated in concentration camps, etc. but then I can’t say some of what I know to be the truth without sounding completely meshuggah, that is to say, crazy.

I know, I sound bitter, but, being raised Jewish, I was always left out, bothered, or mocked around Christmas.   Having the last name “Tenenbaum” didn’t help much, either.   I know my last name means “Christmas Tree” but if anone tries to hang ornaments on me again, I will have to hurt them.   Badly.

So, happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas (don’t go into debt over it) have a marvelous Yule and a super Saturnalia and a Happy Quanzaa too.

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