Jadea Kelly packs a sweet punch at her CD release event

Jadea Kelly held a CD release event at The Pearl Company in Hamilton, Ontario on June 22.  The word I’d most readily use to describe the Toronto-based singer-songwriter is enchanting.  The lovely miss Kelly sings emotively and in such a way that you feel it right down in your gut; at several points during the two hour show I felt a rush of shivers through my body.

Jadea is a true talent. The range of subject matter on her recently released album Clover is quite impressive. “Mary Don’t Go” is a wonderfully touching song about her grandmother, “Saintly Stare” was written after an intense lighting storm that reminds her to be strong through tough decisions, and “Count On” was written for her sweetheart to describe her feelings when he’s away from home touring.

The songs are brought to life not only through Jadea’s songwriting skills, but through her band of talented musicians. The drums and bass ground the tunes and add to the rhythmic structure, the keyboards add to the ambiance and the solo guitar parts add tasteful fills. The heavier second set at The Pearl Company show truly allowed Tom Juhas, the solo guitarist, to showcase his masterful command of the instrument.  The guitar acts as an extension of his body and he seems to find the perfect tone to compliment each song.  He is an extremely atmospheric player and his playing really enhances Jadea’s already strong songwriting both on the album and in live performance.

The level of attentiveness from the audience was a reflection of Jadea’s mesmerizing stage presence, the tightness of the band and the magic of the venue itself. The Pearl Company is located in an old, converted warehouse. During intermission, they served tea and baked goods, and there was local art and jewelry for sale. The charming venue is a true representation of the thriving arts culture in Hamilton.

See the video for her single “Wild West Rain” here: http://youtu.be/9-5AFjfqrBw

Photo by Stephanie Beatson

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