JR goes green as Larry Hagman endorses solar energy

He is known as an oil man, through and through, or at least his character is….make that was. For years on the hit TV show Dallas, actor Larry Hagman portrayed the quintessential Texas black gold tycoon JR Ewing. Now Hagman is playing JR once again, this time in a commercial for solar renewable energy.

Dallas star Larry Hagman in an ad for solar renewable energy (image SolarWorld)

In the ad for Solar World, a German company that makes photovoltaic modules, Hagman, as JR, announces that the oil business has been very good to him over the years but it’s far too dirty now, which is why he’s gone solar. Then, in a parody of Sarah Palin’s famous “drill, baby, drill” line, he urges the audience to “shine, baby, shine!”

While the actor probably (hopefully) didn’t embody JR’s other qualities in his own life, namely his ruthlessness and devotion to his money and his “daddy’s company” above all, it’s good to see that some of JR’s newfound environmental conscience is reflected in the real life of Larry Hagman today.

The now 78-year-old Hagman installed a 94-kilowatt solar system on his estate in California several years ago. He also sits on the board of the Solar Electric Light Fund, whose mission is to build solar systems in the poorer parts of the planet. Last year, the nonprofit teamed with Solar World to help power some clinics in Haiti with solar energy.

Larry Hagman told the New York Times that it was the BP oil spill earlier this year that prompted him to bring his green lifestyle to the next level and bring back JR in order to lend the character’s voice to the fight for cleaner energy.

Have a look at the video:

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