Julien Blanc: Easily an asshole

If Jian Ghomeshi was a wolf in federally funded, feminist-friendly sheep’s clothing, then Julien Blanc is just a plain old wolf. Well, that’s not really fair to wolves, they’re noble creatures. So are pigs. Julien Blanc is nothing more than an asshole.

If you’re unfamiliar with Blanc and his “work” count yourself lucky. He’s a “pick up artist” by trade, and the technique he teaches to his disciples involves opening with a choke or a head to the groin. No, these aren’t wrestling moves, they’re apparently seduction techniques.

If you don’t believe me, you probably have more faith in humanity than most, but see for yourself. You might have noticed the part in the video where he says “at least in Tokyo, if you’re a white male, you can do what you want!” Wow, let’s see, misogyny, check, white privilege, check. If only he had said something about “the gays” it would have been a trifecta.

He makes it too easy to criticize. Imagine Keystone dropping Justin Trudeau and getting a Mr. Burns-esque villain to speak for them, and that’s what you get with Julien Blanc.

The problem is he does have followers. Insecure men eat his misogynist pablum up. What he does happens in porno all the time, after all. But porn is selling a fantasy and requires off-camera consent. And consensual BDSM, well, is consensual, and to be honest, the sub is actually in charge.

Blanc willfully ignores these facts and encourages his followers to commit sexual assault, and see women as conquests that have to be taken caveman style, consent or not.

Earlier this week he was supposed to tour Canada, which prompted a petition to deny him entry. It worked, sort of. The Canadian Immigration Minster Chris Alexander tweeted that Blanc’s “content is completely counter to Canadian values” and that the government is looking into the matter, but then word came that Blanc cancelled his live shows over security concerns.

As someone who will probably never have to deal with the likes of Blanc pushing my head towards his crotch, the most devastating thing he could possibly do to me has already been done. I agreed with a Harper Government stooge.

Even though I despise how the Cons enjoy defining what “Canadian values” are every chance they get, usually to the detriment of progressive causes and people they don’t like, in this case, they are correct. Blanc is completely counter to Canadian values and human values, largely due to my radical belief that women are people, too.

I fully support the petition, as I do the similar one in England. It’s important that we let everyone know that assholes like this aren’t welcome. But I also don’t believe in borders, and deep down I had hoped he would come to Canada, Montreal in particular.

I would have liked to organize his show. No, there wouldn’t be any impressionable boys for him to preach to. They can watch from the sidelines and maybe learn for a change.

This would have been a chance for him to try out his skills on women; women who signed the petition, women who may have had an unfortunate encounter with someone inspired by someone just like him, and women who are badass shitkickers just looking for an excuse. (I know I have you on my Facebook friends list, just message me, did I mention that the cops in Montreal are currently on strike?).

Then we would have brought in the drag queens and finally cis-gendered men like me who don’t like being represented by an asshole like Blanc. By that time, though, the fun would probably be over. I would have liked to bring in some professionals who specialize in domination, but they probably wouldn’t do it, because consent is important to them, even though it doesn’t even register on Blanc’s radar.

But enough of the fantasy. If I can, I’d like to drop my own character that I have nurtured over the past few years for just a moment, thank you. Jason C. McLean signing off, Jason has something to say to the guys who might think of attending a Blanc seminar:

What the fuck are you thinking? I’ve been “friendzoned” in the past and while at the time I felt it sucked, I now realize that those were some of the strongest relationships I ever had, and guess what? I blew it. Don’t be a fucking idiot.

You know how you complain about the asshole always getting the girl? Well, the solution isn’t to become the asshole, dummy, and it sure as hell isn’t to give him money or become a deciple.

Recognize who the enemy is. It’s not the women, it’s people like Blanc and Ghomeshi and, well, the list is long, we’d be here all day. You get the point, I only hope you take it.

And Julien Blanc, screw you!

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