Let Them Eat Cake! Cakes Da Killa Plays Centre Phi This Saturday

Raw and carefree is how we can describe the sound bestowed upon us by Cakes Da Killa. With the release of Hunger Pang in June 2014 (and even with his first releases in 2011), this young Jersey rapper has provided some with more than they would have bargained for or even can handle.

Most importantly, he has given some of us a voice and sound within the rap genre. Vulgar? Cakes Da Killa is only being himself, raw, honest, hard, providing music for LGBT people of color looking for relatable music and homophobes something to choke on.

He has gained a lot of attention over the past few years, making the rounds on blogs and known radio shows and receiving more than honorable mentions from MTV and more. With all this success, don’t expect him to change who he is. The music is still raw and the content is still Queer.

But this does not mean that he wants to be set apart from the rest of the players. Giving us impeccable delivery and spitting scripture within his lyrics, he could go neck to neck with any.

As for his beats, he takes us beyond high hats and basic basslines. A heavy mix of electronic sounds merge more than they clash.

Cakes Da Killa is coming back to us with more of his goodie goodies (with WASIU ft. Dear Lola & KD II Times and Visuals by Jason Voltaire) this Saturday, November 28, 8pm @ Phi Centre, tickets available on the Phi Centre website

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