Loose Pistons are dirty rock n’ roll done right

You know who reminds me of the Who, or the Strokes when they were still cool? Local Montreal band Loose Pistons.
Lead singer, Hugo Chartrand, has that frontman thing down, from his Beatle boots to striped shirt, military hat and guitar strum style. It probably would have been cheesy on anyone else, but Chartrand was cute enough to get away with it, as any Casablanca-Daltry-Jagger-styled frontman oughta be.

Of course, a crusty wild time is usually found on the corner of St-Denis and Mont-Royal, crammed up in either Quai des Brumes, L’esco, or whatever the hell happens up in Rockette (you usually don’t want to know). This time we found ourselves down in Quai des Brumes, which seems to usually be the backdrop of some extremely talented musicians.

Loose Pistons were opening for Howler on May 16, and though I didn’t stick around for the headliner, (I know, I’m an asshole, but I had to run next door to L’esco to get my face melted) I completely enjoyed grooving to the Loose Pistons. Their set was loaded with wah peddle madness, energetic solos and slamming guitar; it was the kind of stuff that got you amped on the fact that local Montreal musicians can still do rock n’ roll, and do it without it being lame, either.

Loose Pistons @ Quai des BrumeLoose Pistons @ Quai des Brume

Photos by Caile Donaldson. Click on the image to launch the slideshow.

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