Wednesday nights are made for music

Is there a better way to spend your Wednesday night than at Casa Del Popolo drinking in the tunes of three diverse bands and also perhaps some fine frosty beer? I think not! You’ve had Monday and Tuesday to recuperate from any weekend damage you may have incurred, and are likely suffering from a bout of cabin fever after lying low for two days. Trust me, I know how these things go. The only way to remedy that stale boredom is to get your up-for-anything asses over to Casa Del Popolo tonight!

Oliver The Great

The line-up features Montreal-based bands Drama Culture and Oliver The Great, with Hollis & The Widows joining them from Toronto. A little folk rock, a little alternative and a little grunge, each band shares similar elements without blurring the lines that distinguish them from each other.

The show gets started at 9pm with Drama Culture opening, followed by Hollis & The Widows and Oliver The Great. Cover is an affordable $5, leaving you plenty of change for a few cold bevvies.

See you there!


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