Matthias Meyer: German Techno in a Montreal Loft

Matthais Meyer

Matthais MeyerIt was daylight saving time last Saturday. It’s a good thing overall, at least that it doesn’t get dark at 5pm anymore. But the night we “lose” an hour is generally a shitty night for partying. I mean, getting thrown out of the club at 2am?! We’ll leave that to Toronto! That’s why the only thing that would get me out of my house was a loft party, and not just any type of party…

I found myself across from the Bell Center to enjoy a set by Matthias Meyer. We all know, when it comes to electronic music, German guys do it better. First of all, the venue was perfect. I don’t like to venture downtown often, but being close to the Bell Center has the advantage of not many neighbors around to complain about noise. The loft was a dark small square with a side room to relax in. There were comfy couches, a friendly staff, and a good sound system; that’s all you need to have an all night party. Ok, there was one little problem…there was only one bathroom for everybody. I did end up meeting friendly and generous people in the line-up so in the end all was good.

The event was put on by Revolutions Cap-Chat which is an electronic music event taking place near a wind farm in Gaspesia. To promote the festival in bigger center like Montreal and Quebec, there will be a couple events with the biggest name in the international scene. The first event, last Saturday, featured Matthias Meyer.

Meyer is a DJ but also started producing in 2005 , he’s one of the key member of the Liebe*Detail record label. One of my favourite songs from him is “Tout va bien”. His productions are a good reflection of His DJ style. He can work the crowd for hours with very precise sound, inserting here and there some key tracks that will make dancers go crazy. Last Saturday, I saw a very generous DJ, willing to interact with people and nice enough to text people the name of the best songs he was playing.

I have to thank him for the highlight of my night: Osunlade (remixed by Dixon). Here’s a mix made by Meyer, so you know what you missed.

On another note, Mutek 2012 revealed their initial line-up for this year’s festival. It’s looking very good!

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