Michael Ignatieff is surprised by an unflattering mandolin serenade

If opposites attract, then this marriage is screwed...

In our ongoing effort to make our election coverage both fun and informative, we have a truly awesome video for you today. In September 2010 Michael Ignatieff held an open mic in Montreal. This previously unreleased video shows a student journalist (or someone who pretends to be a student journalist) approach the mic to ask a question.

Before Iggy knows what hit him, the would be interlocutor announces that he will be asking his question in the form of a song and busts out a Mandolin. He then bursts into an inspired indictment of Liberal corruption and hypocrisy, set to a surprisingly catchy tune.

By the end of the song Iggy is left literally speechless and the room bursts into laughter and uproarious applause.

Although this video is more funny than serious it does convey an important point. The Liberals gutted social programs far more than the Conservatives have done when they were in power, and pretty much redefined political corruption.

Furthermore, Iggy himself was a vehement supporter of Dubya’s misadventure in Iraq, and has been an ardent supporter of torture over the years.

Don’t be fooled by their shiny campaign promises, these Liberals are just about as bad as the Conservatives, and they both represent a badly broken political establishment. If you’re looking for real change in this election, don’t look for it from the Liberals.

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