Misteur Valaire & Ponctuation @ CMW

misteur Valaire

After two years covering Canadian Music Week, I’m tempted to say that Montrealers do it better. Either it’s the way they play music or the way they throw parties. Here are my thoughts on this year’s M for Montreal showcase at Canadian Music week.

The great thing about music festivals is that people are fighting to give you free stuff. As much as free booze is great, sometimes you have to make sure your belly is full if you want to survive a night of show hopping. That night, the kind folks from M for Montreal provided the Toronto coud with a little taste of Montreal. Free poutine for all the starving hipsters!

Misteur Valaire were opening the party and they did what they do best: they got the crowd pumped. These guys have brought their funky electro sound pretty much everywhere in Canada and Europe and it shows. From hugging it out with the crowd, to an impromptu group striptease, this five piece band is full of energy and they give all they have to the crowd. They’re spending the summer in studio and should deliver a new album this September.


Ponctuation was the band I was the most impressed with that night. I actually had discovered them the night before at Cherry Cola’s (a venue that suits them more then Sneaky Dee’s) but I was too exhausted to truly appreciate their performance so I promised myself to stay long enough to catch them on Friday. Guillaume and Maxime Chiasson are two brothers that play guitar and drums. Think Death from above 1979 gone psychedelic and garage. Their lyrics are in French but guitar distortion and raw power are the main focus. They just released their first album 27 Club on Bonsound so it’s only the beginning of their adventure. Watch for them in Montreal!

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