Building With Monk.e: Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding From His Latest Album

People are made up of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus among many other essential elements. These elements create our world, the planet, the galaxy and the universe. So it’s no wonder why international graffiti artist and hip hop emcee Monk.e is on some next level, out of this world shit.

He released his seventh album earlier this year, Esclavage, Exode et Renaissance. To say the least, it’s a banger for any Hip Hop head.

I caught up to Monk.e for a short building session while he was painting at Mural Fest this past June. We spoke about his album, Coca-Colanisation, Babylon, multi-dimensionality, knowledge as a weapon and more.

Monk.e will be performing at the End Of The Weak emcee world challenge September 4th and with Syme and Reptile Rampant! at Club Soda October 9th

The album is available at:

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