Montreal Fringe 2014: Brunch Fight

Following their complete and utter dominance of the local live late night talk show scene, Walter J. Lyng and Leighland Beckman are tweaking the format of the insanely popular Night Fight and staging a one time only presentation of what they have dubbed as Brunch Fight. It all goes down at Noon on June 21 at Mainline Theatre as part of the Montreal Fringe Festival’s after dark series. This event is so after dark, as a matter of fact, that’s it happening during the sunniest part of the day. Now THAT’S dark.

In addition to the usual talk show insanity and assorted antics that host Lyng and Musical director Beckman usually get up to, this time around, the dynamic duo will be serving up a full brunch to anyone who shows up. Seriously. Eggs, bacon, ‘brunch beverages’, fruit (sure)… the works. Oh, and they’re only charging $5. Yep. (Plus a $2 service charge for those Fringe people)

“I’m kind of like Robin Hood in that I will be stealing these Brunch items from the rich and giving them to the poor, except I’ll actually be paying for all this stuff and I can’t really speculate on the financial status of any specific audience member, so I’m actually nothing like Robin Hood,” says Lyng.

BRUNCH FIGHT will feature a wonderful assortment of Fringe Festival favourites, including Jon Bennet of Pretending Things are a Cock fame and musical guest Victoria Laberge, whose soothing ukulele melodies will no doubt ease the pain of even the worst hangover. The bloody Caesars will probably help too.

Plus a brand new Top 38 list, Stupid Knife Trick, and much, much more!

Doors will open at 11:30 a.m. The show will start at 12:00 p.m. Brunch will be served at 12:07 p.m at Mainline Theatre. Get your tickets in advance through the Fringe website.


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