Montreal Fringe 2014: Mike Delamont in God is a Scottish Drag Queen 2

God is back in town ladies and gentleman, and she’s got loads of new stuff to bitch about. After a buzz-worthy show at the 2012 Fringe, Mike Delamont makes a triumphant return as everybody’s favorite deity in God is a Scottish Drag Queen 2.

Don’t worry, you won’t get lost if you missed Delamont’s hilarious stand-up performance the first time ’round. Here’s all you need to know to get caught up: shows are performed by Delamont in-character, in the role of God. Delamont’s version of God also happens to wear a wig, a woman’s 1980s floral power suit, and be Scottish.

God in the worst drag outfit of all time is, of course, a completely ridiculous character. Seeing Delamont complete in-character at the 2012 Drag Races at Fringe Park was one of my favorite Fringe moments of all time. Here’s hoping he competes with Montreal’s drag queen beauties again this year!)

But upon reflection it’s easy to see there’s a method to Delamont’s “sweats like a mutant farm animal” madness. When a tall, bulky man wears a cropped wig, shoulder pads and speaks in a Scottish accent (Delamont is actually from Victoria BC), as an audience member  it’s easy to let your guard down.

And in that state, Delamont effortlessly commands your attention for the hour-long show. Throughout that hour you can expect God to drift in an out of rants that are both topical and universal in nature. The west Edmonton mall, Scientology, and my favorite bit of the evening – circumcision, are just a few of the things you and God are going to talk about. If that seems like a bizarre grouping of topics now, trust me, go see the show and within minutes you’ll also be laughing your mortal ass off.

Having toured the Fringe circuit across North America in two different shows, Delamont certainly loves being God. And we the audience love him playing it. God is a Scottish Drag Queen 2 was just as fun the second time, but I look forward to Delamont returning to the Montreal Fringe in a new ridiculous character or just maybe even as himself. After all, you wouldn’t want God to wear out his welcome.

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