Montreal Infringement 2014: Talking This is not sic outside Mic Check (VIDEO)

Instead of written reports, I’ve decided to post a video interview or something else caught on my phone’s camera for each day of the 2014 Montreal Infringement Festival. Last night I went out to Le Bull Pub with every intention of doing just that.

Instead, though, I ended up performing a few tunes with This is not [sic], a band that will have its full Infringement set this coming Sunday at 10:30pm at Le Petit Cabaret. So the interviewer became the interviewee, thanks to fellow performer, Infringement organizer and the night’s co-host (and regular weekly co-host of Mic Check, Le Bull’s open mic night) Jay Manafest:

* Photo by Laurence Tenenbaum

* The 2014 Montreal Infringement Festival runs until Sunday, please check for showtimes and details

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