Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre’s “Pocket Tweet” What Does it Mean? Can You Interpret It?

The above image is from a tweet made by Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre this morning.

He removed it from his feed a few hours later. What did the mayor say that he was so afraid of that he had to remove it?

I tried running it through Google Translate to no avail. It must be some kind of code.

Now, I know what you may be thinking. This is just a comical mistake. A pocket tweet. He was biking in the Tour de L’ile and forgot to lock his phone.

At least that’s what the Mayor wants us to think. He said as much a few hours later through the same account:

I don’t buy it. I’ve pocket dialed people and composed texts and Facebook messages from my pocket, but they were never sent.

It takes a bit of pocket gymnastics to actually hit the send button. So I think this was intentional.

But what was he trying to say? Could it be something about all those P6 tickets that were thrown out? Maybe it’s something about the Expos. Maybe it’s about store hours in some areas extended to 24/7 for when you get that craving to buy a sofa at 4am.

I’m at a loss. Maybe you have an idea.If you can think of a translation for this tweet, you can leave it in the comments and we’ll tweet the best ones to the mayor. Or you can just tweet it to him directly @DenisCoderre and include the hashtag #PocketTranslation.

* Author’s note: Yes, this was probably just a mistake, but we can still have fun with it. Also, Congrats on the Mayor completing the Tour de l’Ile.

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