Montreal’s Milo McMahon Heats Up Canadian Music Week!


Montreal’s own Milo McMahon graced the back room of Toronto music hot spot The Cameron House for an energetic Canadian Music Week set on Saturday.  Along with drummer Mike Beaton (yes, that’s his true surname) and bassist/back-up vocalist Stephen Court (it was only his third gig with the band and he absolutely killed it), the trio that carries the lead singer/songwriter’s name played a collection of songs both new and those that have been released on Milo’s EP Big City Hustle.


Milo’s music touches primarily on rock and roll and alt folk, but being raised in Ireland, he is also able to intersperse the odd Celtic song into the mix.  He is a charming lad, singing with passion about topics including life, love, isolation and persistence.  His band is also wildly talented, and together they make a powerful mix of good sounds and good times.  Milo cranked out some wicked guitar solos, adding some interesting dissonances, and Stephen played some really tasty bass lines.

The group have been touring Canada pretty extensively over the past few months, and are now on reprieve to get back in the studio to record a new record.  Here’s Milo’s video for “Big City Hustle”:

Be on the lookout for more Montreal shows later this year.  His music is available for purchase via his website.

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