Montreal Minute: A Quick Look at the M60 Film Fest

You can do a lot of things in 60 seconds: make a cup of microwave cocoa, compose a haiku, fail embarrassingly to please a woman, the sky’s the limit. But now thanks to the fellows at the Montreal 60 Second Film Festival, you can watch a movie as well.

The festival’s been going on since 2008, with a relatively small crew of dedicated people keeping it running and a whole city’s worth of aspiring film makers supplying content, and maybe this year one of those talented people can be YOU.

No, not YOU, YOU! Behind – look, you with the blue shirt, you wanna shuffle over a bit? Thank you.


Registration will open on the 19th, at Casa Del Popolo on Saint Laurent, where hopefuls will be able to sign up and learn the secret theme of this year’s fest. But bring your a-game, folks, because the competition is fierce if past entries are any indication.

Last year saw such excellent entries as The Secret of Zhentan, a simple but effective martial arts piece with some impressive choreography on display.

There have been plenty of excellent entries in previous years as well, like the creatively done 134 Frames in Time from 2009, or the spiteful human stop-motion of Valentine’s Deception from that same year.

Challenge festivals like these are where some of the real creative stuff can happen. As a general rule in any creative medium, artists working under specific restrictions tend to be far more creative than those given free-reign. Sort of like how I once composed a ten hour opera using only my bum and an etch-a-sketch.

The screenings will be from September 13 to 15th at the always lovely Cinema Exentris. Perhaps I’ll see you there!

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