Musical Vignette – Jordi Rosen

Photo by Anita Schoepp

Montreal has a reputation to live up to. We’re the city everyone flocks to for unique talent and diverse artists from various backgrounds. Whether it’s music, theatre, visual arts or the many others, there’s a   layer of expectations that masks this wonderfully heart throbbing city.

Saying this, I’d like to introduce you to Jordi Rosen, one of Montreal’s celebrated local female musicians, who’s contribution to the Montreal arts and culture community reassures us those expectations are met.

Jordi’s musical history began in Toronto where she sung in her school choir and studied piano. 20 years ago she packed up her novel talents and made the switch to Montreal to expand, perfect and share her love of music. To expand, she took up professional singing lessons, alongside the accordion, thanks to Grayson Walker. To perfect and share, she and Grayson started a band, which featured other local artists such as Bruce Cawdron, Joellen Housego and Lisa Gamble. She was also involved in The Jordi Monk Klezmer Contusion and Mopwater.

Having a professional singing background of 16 years, Jordi mainly mixes her romantic and creative vocals with her Casio keyboard, accordion, autoharp/lapharp and bowed psaltery playing. When you go to her MySpace listen to Casio SA-3 and The City Hums you’re sure to be happily, floating down the streets for a week. Jordi’s music has a natural smile effect that reminds you of your playground times, when you first met Xavier or Scarlet (or whoever your crush was) and thought about them during nap time.

Photo by Sandra Lynn Belanger. Loaded: A Tribute To The Velvet Underground (L to R: Will Austin, Jordi Rosen, Ingrid Wissink, Patrick Hutchison & Dave Lines in back).

More recently Jordi’s “playground-times” have been at Sound Centrale, Casa del Popolo with with Shyny Diemindz and The American Devices, and at Le Cagibi, playing with Ingrid Wissink, Caroline Glass, Dave Lines, Abigail Lapell and Gabe Levine. In addition, Jordi’s part of Montreal’s famed Loaded, The Velvet Underground Tribute Band, and took part in For the Sake of the Songs Tributes to Neil Young and Van Dyke Parks. You often find her paired up around the city with other positively notorious local musicians like Jackie Gallant, Will Austin and Annabelle Chvostek, amongst many others.

Jordi’s an artist that welcomes anyone’s ideas or suggestions, supports an array of talented friends and takes the time to make sure you understand you’re always welcome when she’s around. Let’s all just be glad she made the switch our arts and culture community sure is.

Stay in-tune for Jordi’s up-coming video, Fantastic Trip, produced by Gordon Bradley and features Taki 76 and recordings by Alex Olsen. And here’s a nice secret (well not anymore) she’ll be releasing a new CD this year.

Cool beans. Make sure to check out events calendar for up-coming performances by Jordi Rosen and many, many others! Until then, Check out Lawrence’s review of one of Jordi’s shows @ Le Cagibi.

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