Yeah, maybe summer 2019 has been a little mellow so far, but nothing lasts forever… and Montréal’s most kickin’ punk festival is finally back in town and ready to rumble for its third season, celebrating the last 40 plus years of punk rock.

The one-day punk festival, ’77 Montreal, will be going down for its third year in a row once again this Friday the 26th at Parc Jean-Drapeau, with headlining bands Bad Religion and Pennywise as well as many more.

Including an exciting mix of punk groups from far and wide, such as The Exploited all the way from the UK, to Wavves from California, to our very own Montreal punk rock bands like the Gutter Demons and Red Mass, who will all be featured at this year’s ’77 Montréal for a fully immersive punk rock festival experience. You can find the full lineup below.

’77 Montreal boasts an experience for all ages of punk rockers, with free entrance for kids 10 and under and a Kids Zone equipped with crafts, games, and a relaxation area. The festival will also bring out some of Montréal’s staple food and beer vendors, as well as a record and poster fair, the ‘Marché aux Punx’, to anyone looking to satisfy their nostalgic fix through vintage vinyl, posters, collectible items, and other exhibitions.

Dawn McSweeney, who covered the event for FTB last year, made a playlist for this year’s event to get you ready:

Take a sneak peak of what ’77 Montréal has waiting for you and check out this ’77 MTL 2019 Spotify Playlist!

Tickets are on sale on ’77 Montreal’s website for $77 plus tax, with a Gold Pass option available for $117. And for those of you who don’t wanna miss out on Montréal’s Heavy metal festival, you can also get the 3 day Weekend Warriors pass for only $225 which includes tickets to both festivals!

2019 Lineup: Bad Religion, Pennywise, Streetlight Manifesto, The Exploited, BIGWIG, Wavves, Four Year Strong, OFF!, Pulley, Cro-Mags, The Dirty Nil, The Menzingers, Charly Bliss, Avengers, Mute, Gutter Demons, SUDDEN IMPACT, Red Mass, The Anti-Queens, Young Party, The Lookout, and more to come

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Montreal’s own orchestral gospel-inspired folk-rock band Lakes of Canada are releasing a new album. It’s called Transgressions and according to the band’s website, it’s inspired by Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. If that doesn’t already grab your attention and make you want to grab a copy, give a listen to the single Eden:

They’re launching the album on October 16th. Forget the Box in partnership with Indie Montreal are giving you a chance to win tickets to the launch and grab yourself a free copy of the album, too. It’s quite simple, really. All you have to do is share this post on Facebook or Tweet it along with your favourite Lakes of Canada song. Make sure to tag @forgetthebox and @indiemontreal so we actually see your entry.

We’ll put all the entries (one per person) into a hat, or a cup, or whatever’s around, and draw a winner, who will be announced on Tuesday, October 13th. The contest is not open to FTB contributors, editors and promo people as well as those who work for Indie Montreal, but if you are part of one of those groups, please don’t hesitate to share anyways!

Also, we’ll be posting a review of the album and an audio interview with the band in the next little while, so be on the lookout for that, too!

Best of luck!

Despite criticism from fans based on interviews, the Heavy Montréal line-up ended up being one that should sell more tickets than its 2013 incarnation. Headlining one of the days, love them or hate them, is Metallica. The other day will go to Slayer, appearing at Heavy MTL for the first time since 2010.

Other featured bands include Lamb of God who were scheduled to play in 2012, but couldn’t. Three Days Grace, Hatebreed and Symphony X clearly show what the festival’s creators meant by going back to their roots. On the punk/rock side of things, The Offspring, Bad Religion and Pennywise are standouts.

In addition to the stellar line-up, a fourth stage was added. Since the festival intends to reach the largest number of people (and considering the event has grown considerably since its inception) is it possible that stages will now serve a greater importance with the farther out stage catering to the rock and punk fans while the two main stages cater to the heavy metal fans.

Another interesting note is the amount of North American artists. While Heavy MTL has always mainly featured artists out of North America with some European bands thrown in (In Flames, Children of Bodom, At The Gates), this year’s Euro flavour comes from Epica and Apocalyptica from Netherlands and Finland respectively.

In an interview with Canoe, Nick Farkas, head of programming said: “In recent years, the festival took a very metal corner and it has put off people to go.” Part of the reason why the festival had a lower attendance in 2013 than it did in 2012 was because of groups such as Avenged Sevenfold headlining and a lack of ‘must-see’ bands. While 2012 had SOAD, Manson, Slipknot and Deftones, 2013 had to settle with Danzig, A Day to Remember and Godsmack. It should be a no brainer why fans chose 2012, myself included.

Tickets go on sale this Friday with weekend passes going for $165 and gold weekend passes for $400.


* Please note: If you don’t have your 2013 Halloween costume together yet, please feel free to participate with a photo of a previous costume

Two questions:

1. What’s your Halloween costume this year?

2. What are your plans for Halloween this year?

If you answer the first question by sending us a picture, we’ll answer the second question for you with a prize. Forget the Box and Glam Gam Productions are proud to present Disguise for Prize 2013, a new Halloween costume contest.

Here’s how it works:

1. Dress up in the best Halloween costume you can think of and take a picture of yourself.

2. Tweet the pic to @forgetthebox using the hashtag #disguiseforprize or email it to

3. We’ll be posting the images to our Facebook page. Encourage your friends to like your pic on FB and retweet it on Twitter. Our jury will pick the winners and factor in likes and retweets when making their decision.

First prize:

* A pair of tickets to Glam Gam Productions’ Tales from the Crotch, a Halloween burlesque play produced in 24 hours at at Café Cleopatre (1230 St. Laurent) on Thursday, October 31st at 10pm.

* Two free drinks at the show

* A profile piece on you, your costume and whatever you want to plug on Forget the Box

* Bragging rights

Second prize:

*A pumpkin

* Bragging rights

Third prize:

Candy and bragging rights

Now here’s the fine print:

The contest is open to anyone but FTB contributors and staff and members of Glam Gam can’t win any of the prizes except, of course, bragging rights and maybe some candy.

We reserve the right to disqualify and not publish any image but we’ll only do this if your costume is racist, sexist, homophobic or culturally insensitive.

If your image violates Facebook’s terms of use (nudity for example) we won’t publish it on our page (so it doesn’t get shut down) but you’re still eligible for prizes.

Group costumes are fine, but just one prize per pic (hint for FTB contributors and Glam Gam members: do a group costume with someone who can win).

Deadline for entries is October 30th at 11:59pm.

Best of luck from FTB and Glam Gam, now send in those pics!

If you don’t already know what Hip-Hop Karaoke is then you should check out the feature we did on them a little while ago. Basically Hip-Hop Karaoke invites performers to prove what they’ve got on stage while the crowd enjoys the party.

Hip-Hop Karaoke has been going strong for 15 months now and to celebrate they are hosting a special contest where you can win WeSC gear courtesy of Tiger Distribution, printed + signed artwork from Overthebreaks and BEST of all, you could win lifetime free entry to HHK MTL! To enter the contest check out their FB album with the last 15 HHK poster designs up and vote for your favorite by “liking” it!

This month we look at the artists behind the Hip-Hop Karaoke posters. The poster design for HHK helps showcase local artists and also helps allowing people to familiarize themselves with Hip Hop Karaoke; inspiring new performers to get involved and show support. Their designs are a perfect visual extension of their fun-loving approach to the event.

Originally the posters were designed by co-founder Patrick O’keefe, who has since moved on to San Francisco and other projects. He created the Portrait series posters in the series. Currently the Hip-Hop Karaoke posters (and logo) have been designed by local artist Nik Brovkin, aka Overthebreaks.

Hip-hop karaoke

If you wanna get up on stage and show em what you’ve got spots fill up quick, so pre-register your track at HHKMTL@GMAIL.COM for the next HHK.


Subaru Forester Family Rally
Click to enter!

Subaru Canada and Forget The Box want to give you a brand new 2014 Subaru Forester. But it’s not quite that simple, to win the car you also have to win the race. Subaru Canada will fly five qualifying families to Mont-Tremblant, Québec for an all-expense-paid, action-packed, rally-themed competition. The families will collect points throughout the race by properly maneuvering through obstacles and using the Forester’s one-of-a-kind features to complete the course with the most accuracy. The winning family will be taking home a brand new 2014 Subaru Forester.

Does that sound like fun? Enter the Subaru Family Rally Contest HERE, but hurry contest closes June 9th at midnight.

This is a little example of what you can expect on the Rally Course:

A little more information about the 2014 Subaru Forester for those of you wondering how this baby’s gonna help get you through the mud.

Tech specs

2014 Subaru Forester

Engine: 2.5-litre normally aspirated and 2.0-litre turbocharged flat-four

Horsepower/torque: 170 hp/174 lb-ft normally aspirated; 250 hp/258 lb-ft turbo

Transmission: Six-speed manual/CVT

Drive: All-wheel

Fuel economy (litres/100 km): 8.3 city/6.2 highway (2.5 litre with CVT)’ regular and premium gas

Price Range: $25,995-$37,995

Contest closes June 9, 2013 and winning families will be chosen June 17, 2013. Please find rules and regulations HERE.

This Friday Cabaret Underworld is hosting the third edition of OCHO, a collaboration  and a celebration of eight unique successful individuals who will deliver an exceptionally audio visual dynamic night and of course an interactive experience. The lineup so far is:

Hosts: Sally & Tyler

A-Rock (Peer Pressure/Triangle Trouble, MTL)

Shaydakiss ( Luxe/Tirangle Trouble, MTL)

Mayday ( So Friday, Neon, MTL)

and a performance by Kapri

We want to send you there! ForgetTheBox is teaming up with Tyler & Sally to give away two sets of four tickets for the party. So come get your dance on.

How do you get in on all this? Simple. Leave a comment below telling us what your favorite drink is. If you can’t come up with at least one alcoholic cocktail recipe, maybe you shouldn’t be going out in the first place! Winners will be announced by 12pm  on Friday….

For extra chances to win, share this contest with your friends on Twitter & Facebook.

Good luck!



ForgetTheBox has another great ticket giveaway for you, win tickets to THE DRIVE TOUR at CORONA THEATER tomorrow night! (Wednesday July 25th)

Performing will be College, Anoraak, and Electric Youth. To enter the contest simply leave a comment below (make sure to include your email address or some contact info), and for extra entries share this with your friends on Facebook & Twitter!


College, in founder David Grellier’s words, was an attempt “to synthesize into my music the emotions of my childhood” and was greatly influenced by American 1980s pop-culture, “80’s soaps and an aesthetic which I particularly like: color, images, silvery films and the sun – images of Los Angeles, Chicago and all of the other cities that continue to fascinate me.”


While he’s certainly into laser-guided synth lines and sepia-toned nostalgia trips, Frédéric Rivière’s debut album as Anoraak (Wherever the Sun Sets) is more indebted to Italo disco, Motown-schooled funk and sepia-toned pop music—think: M83 on Ecstasy—than anything that’s lo-or-glo-fi.


Electric Youth is named after an album by Debbie Gibson, who along with Tiffany was the quintessential late-’80s American bubblegum teen pop girl A young couple from Canada Bronwyn and Austin of Electric Youth is part of the same amorphous community of pop-obsessed bloggers and music makers who chill wave and witch house crew, but unlike say Teengirl fantasy they do not use POP language and imagery as a front for a more avant-garde exploration of this territory.

Tickets on sale @

FullFlex Express

FullFlex Express

ForgetTheBox wants you to check out SKRILLEX, Pretty Lights & Diplo playing Sunday at Parc-Jean Drapeau! And to get you there we’re running a contest to win a pair of tickets to see the show for FREE!

The show promises to be a blast! Just check out the video from his recent performance at the Festival d’ete de Quebec.

How do you enter? Simple. Just leave us a comment below telling us what you love about summer in Montreal! For extra chances to win “like” us on Facebook and re-tweet this article. It’s that simple! (Oh, ya. Time is of the essence so you have until 3 am to enter the contest)

The show is part of the FullFlex Express Tour roaring across Canada, and will be making their next stops in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver.

The show is presented by Evenko and Higher Groud featuring Skrillex with Pretty Lights, Diplo, Grimes, KOAN Sound and Tokimonsta at the Parterre de l’Île Notre-Dame in Parc Jean-Drapeau.



Win Tickets to YUKSEK Live in Montreal @ La Sala Rossa July, 6th as part of the MEG Festival.

Simply leave a comment below saying why you want to see YUKSEK, or share this article on FB and/or tweet out this article. (each time you do you’re entered into the contest)

For those of you who are unsure why you would want to see this show let me explain it. This guy is AWESOME!!! He’s a DJ from France (where all good electronic music comes from of course) and has worked on numerous projects. He’s toured around the world and is coming to Montreal to make you DANCE! Give a listen to a track below and enter to win!

Tickets are courtesy of Indie Montreal!

According to the Happy Tree Yoga website, HappyTree opened its doors by in the fall of 2007 with hope, heart, and a pot of tea that hasn’t gone dry since…

That’s true; I know it is, because I wrote that line, and because I was there that night. What you’d be harder pressed to hear is the tale of how studio owner Melanie Richards and I were sweeping up woodchips and ushering workmen out the back as we welcomed people in the front for our first ever open-house. Better still, you would never believe it if you were to step into the space today, drenched with sunlight (or candlelight), and ever-infused with our infamous homebrewed spice tea.

I am the HappyTree DeskGuru, and I am quite comfortable in my bias when I tell you that I love the joint.

Beyond the 30 weekly classes in various styles, aside from the massages and alternate therapies offered in our serene new Wellness room, way past the central location, and the luxuriously homey decor, lies a yoga studio built on the principle that even if people only intended to come for the yoga butt, they would find something much more.

In my unique position of fly on wall, I’ve seen students become teachers, cancer patients get well and countless friendships bloom over that same tea. And while we have turned out a bunch of lovely butts, in the same way that yoga as a proper whole is so much more than the postures, HappyTree offers community that goes way beyond its class schedule, you just have to come on in, and discover it for yourself. From clothing swaps to teacher trainings, I really believe that if you come in, you’ll find something that screams “YOU” (or oms it softly in lotus, if that’s more your bag).

So here’s the plan:

Upload a pic of you doing your fave / bestest yoga pose to the Forget The Box page on Facebook.

Get your friends (or random strangers, if you can manage) to click the all mighty “like” on your photo (and on our page if they haven’t already).

The person with most likes wins…..

Drum roooooolllll…….

A Five Class Card to HappyTree Yoga, and spankin’ new yoga mat. That’s a $120 value, for those keeping score.

Second place pose gets 2 complimentary passes for any drop-in class, so you and a buddy can come check it out and brag that you won stuff, because winning stuff, is always better than not.

So, let’s play.

*The deadline is March 15th
*The contest is not open to HappyTree Staff or Karma Yogis, nor is it open to Forget The Box contributors.

Check the studio deets at