This is the time of year where thoughts start to turn to summer and, in particular, all the shows the season usually brings to Montreal. At Forget the Box, this is when we start thinking about just how we’re going to cover all the festivals (music, theatre, comedy, etc) and what sort of ticket giveaways we may run.

This year, as everyone knows, will be quite different due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Even if some of the restrictions currently in place are loosened and things get back to some semblance of normal, the summer’s events won’t be coming back until next year, or in some cases this fall.

So there are no shows to cover, but that doesn’t mean we can’t run a contest to give away tickets. You’ll just have to wait a while to pick up your prize.

With everything upside down, what time better than the present to start thinking of the future. If we beat this thing with our social distancing, we’ll have reason to celebrate.

So without any further ado, here’s FTB’s Lockdown Contest:

The Prize

The Grand Prize is two tickets to the show of your choice with some restrictions. Given the huge financial hit the event industry is bound to take this year and the fact that they’re probably all too busy right now to coordinate a contest with us for the future, these won’t be promo passes.

Instead, we’ll be buying a pair of tickets like everyone else and then giving them to the winner free of charge. As such:

  • It can be any concert, play, comedy show, festival, etc, but it must happen in the Greater Montreal Region (if you can get there by bus and metro, it’s in the zone) before the end of 2022.
  • Tickets to the concert or show must be available for purchase to the general public. So if a show’s sold out for the public, it’s sold out for this contest, too.
  • We don’t guarantee your first pick, or preferred seating, but we’ll do our best.
  • Price of a single ticket can be no more than $200. Depending on what you pick, you might get access to an entire indie festival, a day’s worth of top-notch concerts or just one really great show.
  • You must be legally allowed to enter the venue where the show is taking place.

How to Enter the Contest

Normally with giveaways, we try to keep things simple. This time we’re asking a little more. Here are the details:

  • Send us your best Montreal on Lockdown Story by email to with Lockdown Contest in the subject line before May 22nd 2020 at midnight.
  • We’re looking for uniquely Montreal stories – funny anecdotes, personal tales of how you’re dealing with our new reality, interesting accounts of how people are respecting social distancing in their own way, heartwarming tales of community solidarity, whatever you think might inspire, interest or amuse. They could be written, told through photos, or a combination of the two.
  • Share this post either on Facebook or Twitter and tag @forgetthebox also before May 22nd 2020 at midnight.
  • We reserve the right to publish the stories we receive and will definitely publish the winner (so please let us know how you would like to be credited – just one name, a name and an initial, your full name, a fake name, etc. – if not we’ll just use your name.

We know that these times are trying and that not everyone is in the right headspace to be positive right now. This contest isn’t designed to preach positivity, but rather to try and give everyone something to look forward to.

The shows will return. This summer will look and feel very different in Montreal, but if we all do our part, we’ll all be partying together at some point – and you can be the one who got in with free tickets!

ShazamFest, a unique outdoor annual summer festival, returns for its 14th edition, and this year with more whimsy than ever. It has perhaps the most eclectic diversity of performances to occur at a single festival.

ShazamFest features a diverse range of entertainment including, but not limited to: live music performances, circus acts, burlesque, dance, theatre, poetry, wrestling, skateboarding, and much more. The festival is set to take place from the 11th to the 14th of July (this weekend), and is to be hosted in the Eastern Townships, 90 minutes outside of Montréal at festival founder Ziv Przytyk’s organic family farm. Free roundtrip shuttle services from Montréal are available, as well as free on-site camping. 

The festival is also particularly distinctive for its green initiatives, as part of its dedication to an eco-responsible and sustainable approach. ShazamFest is very encouraging of its zero-waste initiatives, having only produced 12 bags of garbage at its 13th edition last year and aiming to create even less this year by encouraging festival goers not to bring single-use bags, using only reusable or compostable dishware, providing unlimited free local source water, bringing in organic local food vendors, and numerous other eco-friendly features.

The headlining acts of ShazamFest XIV will be Afrikana Soul Sister, Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire, the Souljazz Orchestra, and Susie Arioli. A few additional must-see features include Matthew Silver, Ziv’s Sunset Show, Bibi Lolo BangBang the clown, a burlesque segment by Swell Sisters La PetiteFleur and Queeny Ives, and many more.

Here’s the full lineup:  

Visit ShazamFest’s website for more information about the artists and tickets.

Win Tickets!

That’s right, FTB is giving you a chance to win a pair of tickets ($125 value) to Shazamfest! Simply share this post on Facebook or Twitter, tag @forgetthebox and say Shazam!

We will draw a winner from the entrants and announce it Friday morning.

For everyone else, tickets are available through

Happening on July 11-14, 2019, 2722 Way’s Mills, Ayer’s Cliff, QC J0B 1C0 in the Eastern Townships.

Free entry for children 12 years & under
Free admission all day Sunday 
Free roundtrip shuttle services from Montréal 
Free on-site camping

James Mullinger has a very interesting story to say the least. A few years ago, he was living a celebrity-filled life in London, England as an editor for GQ. Now, he lives in New Brunswick and is building a name for himself on the standup comedy circuit.

FTB’s Hannah Besseau had a chance to speak with him before his Almost Canadian Tour arrives at Montreal’s Theatre Sainte-Catherine this Wednesday:

Win Tickets!

James Mullinger will perform Almost Canadian this Wednesday, April 24 at 7:30pm at Theatre Sainte-Catherine, 264 rue Ste-Catherine Est. To win a pair of tickets, simply comment on this post, or on FTB’s Facebook share with your favourite city or town in New Brunswick. You can also tweet your favourite city or town in New Brunswick to @forgetthebox

We’ll randomly draw the winner from the entries we receive and announce who gets the tickets Wednesday morning. If you don’t win, you can buy tickets through

When people fantasize about winning the lottery, they talk about things like world travel, lavish homes, fast, shiny cars. If / when I win it big, I will be filthy with subscription boxes. Enough to keep a courier in business just bringing mystery prezzies to my door, preferably daily, if I plan correctly. In fact, I will probably need a dedicated Subscription Box Manager to deal with things like timing, finding new, fab boxes, and figuring out how much it will cost to get them to Canada (if they’ll ship here at all).

Until then, allow me to be your subscription box advisor. Let me just wipe away this silver scratchy stuff…

Please note, that the boxes in this series have been sent to me for free and for the express purpose of review.

Per their website, Kawaii Box (part of Japanese-owned Kawaii Group) wants to spread kawaii culture around the world, and help you “kawaii-fy” your life, with the belief that “even a tiny dose of cuteness can provide a boost of positivity to our life.” That’s an ethos I can get on board with.

I received the winter / Christmas box, which is an extra perfect time to get fun surprises, and this one was a candy store for my eyeballs!

Oki, what all do we have here?

For starters, I received a pair of smiling pink decorative baubles balls. They’re absolutely tree decorations, but considering the look of them, these mamma jammas will be hanging around my house all year long making me happy.

There was a pack of Christmas stickers (that made their way into someone else’s stocking, where they were properly appreciated), and also Christmassy was the pink and white candy cane pen. Theme be damned, I’m picky discerning about pens, and this one writes really smoothly, and it’s soft to the touch, so I intend to use this one long after the thaw.

There was also a mermaid change purse shaped like a shell, and I was glad that it wasn’t a unicorn.

Can you have a kawaii box without Sanrio? Probably, but I didn’t have to find out, because I got a Cinnamoroll eyeglass / all-these-touch-screens cloth, which naturally doubled as a blanket for the ridiculously cute Amuse Alpacasso pastel rainbow alpaca. Holy smokes, this little dude made my day.

It’s impossible to say exactly why, as with any kawaii (or any style group, really), it’s all in how it hits, and this one got me in the feels. It made its way into my bag for a road trip to the East Coast, where it made me smile each time I came across it.

When I saw the ring pack, I was ready to wear flowers on my fingers all through the snowy season, but unfortunately, they were the tiny plastic ones made for kiddie party bags. In hindsight, it makes sense, but they really woulda looked so cute on me all at once (they fit my alpaca though).

Munchies on the other hand, fit everyone. There was a duo of cookies, quite like tea biscuits with chocolate, and while they probably would’ve made another adorable stocking stuffer, I ate them instead, and they were ok.

The scene stealer was a bag of tasty, crunchy goodies. While they were akin to oversized cereal bits, they were more than that. The texture was more complex than just cereal, somehow a little velvety before the crunch, and they were perfectly sweet without being too much.

My boyfriend and I ate the bag in no time, and we both agreed that it was probably a good thing that we couldn’t run to the dep for more, or we def would have. Often.

And I think that’s what this box is best for: those treats that you’re unlikely to encounter elsewhere. For instance, Kit-Kat is one of the partner brands, and Kit-Kat Japan has so many intriguing flavors and limited editions going on that you’ll never stumble upon here.

For me, the box was something of a sugar rush, brightly coloured and short-lived. I think it would be best suited for a kawaii minded adult with a li’l one on hand so the smaller trinkets get properly appreciated, while the grown-up eats the good candy, because c’mon, don’t waste good candy on kids.

Some of the other partner brands include Disney Tsum Tsum, Pocky, Pokémon, and Pusheen, so open the box while the kids sleep, and keep the best bits for yourself.

Shipping is free worldwide (yay!), and the subscription price is def worth the amount of fun:

  • $26.41CAD/month
  • $25.09/month with a 6 month subscription
  • $23.76/month with a 12 month subscription

The fab folks over at Kawaii Box are giving one of our adorable readers a free box to spread the smiles!

Forget The Box Kawaii Box Giveaway

Next Time:

Impressive three-piece rock pop outfit Scenic Route To Alaska will grace the stage at Quai Des Brumes this week. And now you have a chance to see them for free courtesy of FTB and Indie Montreal.

Pop Band With Substance

They’ve been signed to a number of record labels of the years. They’ve gained a cult following in Australia and Europe. They’ve released singles on CBC Radio to much love. They’ve been recognized at the Western Canadian Music Award. And their songs are all over the place on popular TV shows.

What’s cool about their songs is that the lyrics are simple yet meaningful:

“And after a long day I finally rest my eyes
Under the Eiffel Tower lights
Dream of the river and you by my side”

From Ballads To Bangers

Their latest album, Tough Luck, was produced by the man behind Tegan & Sarah and The New Pornographers, producer Howard Redekopp. The 10 track LP shows off a tight and dynamic live sound that is not afraid to be organic on the production side of things. The album truly engages the listener as you find yourself wanting to hear the songs over and over again.

Maybe that’s due to the fact that it’s a rare find to discover a pop band that has something of importance to say. Or maybe its simply the catchy vocal rhythms, memorable melodies, and rich arrangements.

Either way the album captures the same energy the band projects on stage: an exciting high energy performance, with a fun contagious vibe.

How To Win

To win two tickets, comment below and tell us what your favorite single is of the band and why you love that song so much. Best answer will get their name +1 on the VIP guest list!

If you’re not familiar with them yet, give Tough Luck a listen or check out their BandCamp for more songs:

Scenic Route To Alaska perform at Quai Des Brumes, 4481 St Denis St, Wednesday April 18, 9pm. If you don’t win the contest, tickets are $11.85 and available through Indie Montreal

* Featured image via Facebook

There’s nothing in the world like a band that plays to sold out crowds every single night. Hillsburn’s tour schedule is impressive: booked solid almost every night for the month of April. You can tell right away when a band is about to fly high.

Coming to see Hillsburn play live in such an intimate setting as cozy Casa Del Popolo is like going to see Nirvana play songs off their Bleach album at Foufounes before they got HUGE!

So without further ado, here are:

Four Really Good Reasons Why You’re Gonna Love To See Hillsburn Play Live:

High Profile Gig

First off, they’ve graced the stage at high profile festivals, you know, the ones where CTV, and La PRESSE show up with their minivans and cams:

Breakout West
Canadian Music Week
East Coast Music Association Week
Canadian Folk Music Awards

The crowd is gonna be stellar at Casa for the show, and who knows what well known faces you might recognize. If you want to impress your date, this is the Go To show this week.

Unexpected Sound

Second, their sound is hard to describe. And these days, this is almost impossible. Yet they sound fresh and contemporary. They’ve been described in the media as anthemic and timeless.

If you’re on the hunt for new music that doesn’t sound recycled and derivative, come see this band.

Egos Left at the Door

Third, there are no rock stars here. Everyone collaborates towards the UNIT, and that’s what comes across in the music, a nice cohesive sound that’s about the songs.

If you are about the music and would rather avoid the divas and drama queens of the music industry, this is YOUR NIGHT

Independent Like You’d Never Believe

Fourth, Hillsburn proves that the human spirit is still alive. Fiercely independent, the quintet decided to bypass the confines of the traditional studio environment. Instead, they choose to write, compose, collaborate and record their second album in a Halifax apartment.

When a up and coming band band buries an award-winning debut album and chooses to go the independent route for their second album, people sit up and take notice.

Birds of a feather flock together. If you value being independent and not selling out, this is a band you want to associate yourself with.

Bonus Points:

Their track Everywhere is produced by Classified.

They’ve captured the interest of FACTOR (government program that offers financial support to talent-rich artists).

The Contest

It’s quite simple. To win two free tickets, comment on this post telling us why you want to come see Hillsburn! The person who writes the best response will get on the VIP guest list +1 to see Hillsburn live on Sunday, April 8, 8pm, at Casa del Popolo, 4873 boul St-Laurent.

We will announce the winner on Friday, April 6. If you don’t win, tickets are available through Indie Montreal.

Good luck!

With Chanda M’s debut album being released tomorrow, Indie Montreal and Forget The Box are proud to give you an exclusive early listen. We’d also like to offer you a chance to win free tickets to the album launch tomorrow, November 12th at La Vitrola (contest info below the music).

Chanda M’s ambient electronic aesthetic has been called one powerfully composed audio experience. Her bewitching vocal style has often been compared to Kate Bush St. Vincent and Bat for Lashes.

While Icons of Dreams EP is her debut, the sharp electronic and will make you feel like you’re traversing through auditory ether. It shows a beauty and composure that you’d normally hear from a seasoned performer, a certain maturity that you don’t normally expect from a debut.



She’ll be launching the EP tomorrow night at La Vitrola. You can win a pair of tickets simply by subscribing to the Forget the Box email list (you also get the latest updates from your favorite Montreal News, Politics and Culture website). We’ll be sending details on how to win the tickets via email early tomorrow.

* Chanda M “Icons of Dreams” EP Launch Party, Saturday, November 12, 8pm, La Vitrola, 4602 St-Laurent

If you do miss her tomorrow night, be sure to catch her in Ottawa on at Live in Elgin on November 19th.

I remember the first time I ever saw Hairspray- it literally changed my life. I was young and had already seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Toxic Avenger, so I was familiar with Transvestites and Drag Queens, Mutants and Creatures of the Night, but this was a whole new level.

I was always a big girl, and the way Tracy Turnblad just killed it in that roach dress and got the hottie was just inspiring. The higher the hair the closer to god! Perfection.

At that point Ricki Lake was a talk show host, it was awesome to see her in that role John Waters has a way of capturing the completely insane in such a viceral and glamorously realistic creepy way. I love it.

My art and fashion has been transformed because of these films. Pink Flamingos, Desperate Living, Female Trouble, Multiple Maniacs, Cry Baby, Pecker, A Dirty Shame and MORE! are showcasing the fucked up ghetto strangeness of Baltimore. It’s beautiful and in Technicolor.

I visited Baltimore once in my life, it wasn’t all that different from Buffalo. As soon as I arrived I got out of the car and the first man I spoke to was (in his southern gay hospitality voice) like “Darlin’ don’t be offended by this but you remind me of a John Waters character.”

I almost cried, hugged him immediately. I AM! I thought to myself. I feel like I just need to camp out at Atomic Books and wait for him to pick up his mail. I relate to his movies so much because they are SO offensively real.

Cat as Divine
Cat as Divine

I am far from perfect, I am downright gross sometimes, I have shit my pants, I have dry shitty skin, I get like a weird smegma under my flappy fupa, my stretch marks have stretchmarks, I have blead through a tampon, I have pissed on church steps, I have been covered in pudding, I have had people eat sushi off of me, I have pulled American flags out of my cock, I have fucked a wide array of human creatures in some very strange and unusual ways, I have seen drag queens pull shit tipped beer bottles out of their ass in NYC, and recently saw a girl fuck a cake at an BDSM Burlesque night in New Orleans.

My life, friends, crazy family, and all the other happenstance interactions I have with people feel like they are right out of a John Waters movie. My life is like a crazy queer acid trip, and I love to see Edith Massey and Divine on screen being the fucked up things I see in my mind. I would love to get inside the mind of John Waters.

On a whim I booked a trip to New Orleans to see the John Waters Christmas Special with a meet and greet. THIS WAS MY CHANCE! I was finally going to meet the man who inspires my insanity. I even brought him a painting. My best Kitty Porn.

I put on my worst Christmas drag, the original mullet wig (now dreading) and mustache (so stiff that when it was on the floor my friend thought it was a cat shit) of Cock Sinclair, a beautiful patch of chest hair, two ugly sweater vests, assess zubaz and a shit stained santa hat.

I was ready. I was in NOLA for the first time with a great friend, we arrived at the venue, and instantly my dream was crushed, the music in my little heart melted, I fucked up. By the time I had ordered the tickets I guess the meet and greet had already been sold out, but it didn’t tell me that, just let me choose the meet and greet option and then charged me for a general admission. I felt like a Make A Wish kid who got the wish taken back.

I literally wept on a street corner in New Orleans in drag smoking weed. I wished that John would have driven by in his Buick and had mercy on my wretched soul. I’ve only cried in drag twice before. Once was when Barack Obama was elected president, I walked up after doing a very politically charged show and watched the announcement in real time. It was incredible. The other time I was being a little butch bro bitch.

But anyways. The Christmas show was incredible, I loved being in the same room as him an listening to him go on about Christmas and other fucked up shit. My dad literally texted me during the show and asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I respond with CHA CHA HEELS. By far the best Christmas scene in history.

I had a magical adventure in New Orleans, at the end of the day it didn’t matter that I did not meet John then. I explored a new place and got the filth on my own hands, I lived it. I probably would have been disappointed when meeting him, like nobody can live up to that kind of pedestal.

Ok, I’m lying to myself to make me feel better. I just have to go back to Baltimore to meet him someday drunk randomly in a gay strip club. Until then I will get my fix from the Montreal troupe Glam Gam‘s homage to the Pope of Trash.

Their event reads: “Just when you thought Glam Gam couldn’t get any stinkier, they have saved their most rotten performances for the last hour of 2015. Put on your best polyester frock, douse your do with copious amounts of hairspray and join us as we pay homage to the beloved Pope of Trash, John Waters! We will eat shitty food, drink shitty champagne and basically put on the most Divine shit show you’ve seen all year!”

I was lucky enough to be able to interview a couple of the sexy hosts of this monstrosity, Julie Paquet and Michael J. McCarthy. They gave me a little insight to what inspired the show and are even offering FREE TICKETS to this event On December 31st 2015 at the historic Cafe Cleopatra (which I had the extreme pleasure of performing drag and burlesque at once with the fantastically subversive Candyass Caberet superstars). All you need to do is write your favourite John Waters movie in the comments and share this post.

You cheap dirtbags better get in on that before its too late. This show will sell out and can’t be missed. Unspeakable acts of violence and pure mind fuck awesomeness will ensue. And there is booze.It’s an incredible venue, the most magical hopeful glittery sequins drunk sex with strangers night of the year, and all of your favorite Dreamland cast alive and in your face with a variety of “talents.”

I have an art boner for this show. It is the only place I want to be at midnight. But who will I kiss? I hope they are truly filthy. Maybe it will be you. Enjoy this interview, trying answering the questions yourself if you are a fan. See you at Cleo next week! I’ll be the one in disgusting drag…. *laughs maniacally* My body is ready.


1) What was the first John Waters movie you ever saw? How did it make you feel? Life changing?

Julie: I saw Hairspray when I was about seven years old, I loved dressing up and dancing along with the characters. Later, when I was a teenager I saw Pink Flamingos and was severely traumatized…in the best way.

Michael: For me it was Desperate Living. After seeing Grizelda suffocate Bosely Gravel with her ass and later get crushed in a rickety old shack in Mortville, my life was never the same. I was hooked.

glam gam waters22) Who is your favorite Dreamland actor? Which is your favorite of their characters?

That’s a tough question. While every dreamland actor is iconic we both agree that Mink Stole takes the cake for outrageous delivery, style and comedic timing. You gotta love Edith Massey’s snaggle-toothed eccentricity; while she’s a terrible actress, her awful delivery is incredibly endearing and hilarious. And obviously when you think John Waters, you think Divine, without her contribution and killer aesthetic, Water’s films would not be the cult classics they are today.

3) How would you compare John Waters to someone like Andy Warhol or Lady Gaga?

First of all, we think John Waters is in a category of his own; there’s no one quite like him. While both Warhol and Waters parodied American culture, Warhol focused on Manhattan city glamour where Waters preferred Baltimore suburban grit. John Waters defined the aesthetic of trash in a way that was never seen before. As for Lady Gaga, sure she had a few catchy hits but there’s really no comparison. She has done nothing original; crtl c, ctrl v.

4) Who do you think is the current filthiest person alive? (mine is Donald Trump)

That’s a tough question especially since the Pope of Trash himself is still alive. However, people have left our shows shocked and horrified, demanded refunds and then sent us their dry cleaning bills.

5) John Waters revolutionized queer radical film – what inspires you most about his work?

He glorified poor, fat weirdos like us. He paved the way for queers, queens and social rejects. Waters films were revolutionary satirical masterpieces. His work was not only hilarious, it made social commentary on subjects that were taboo and untouched.

glam gam waters16) Tell me about the show. Is it just a tribute or more of your own interpretation?

A bit of both. There are classic John Water’s skits that are untouchable which we will pay homage to, but in classic Glam Gam style we will definitely put our own silly spin on things as well.

7) I’m excited that it’s Odorama, what kind of fucked scents should we expect?

Well we are creating our very own odorama cards with delicious fragrances such as shit, fish and grandma to represent each character. Unfortunately though, unlike Water’s original version, our cards are not edible so please save your appetites for our complementary trashy buffet.

8) Did you hate the newer John Travolta Hairspray as much as I did?

Yes. Hairspray was already one of Water’s most mainstream movies, it did not need to be made more mainstream. That’s like making a dance remix of an Aqua song…unnecessary. The original cast featured powerhouses like Debbie Harry, Ricki Lake, Mink Stole and Divine and the remake features John Travolta in a fat suit…please. There are plenty of fat queens out there who could have paid proper tribute to Divine; she would be rolling in her grave.

9) John Waters will not make a film for under a million dollars and talks about wanting to sell out – when he used to make classics for no money. How does that make you feel?

He’s done his time; artists deserve to get paid for their work. We keep on producing shows because we love what we do. We put our heart, soul, sweat and tears into each production yet we can barely afford to take the bus. After all Waters has accomplished and at his age, why get out of bed for less than a mill?.

10) What is your favorite John waters quote?

“The world of heterosexuals is a sick and boring life.”

Glam Gam Presents ✖✖✖ ODORAMA: A Baltimore Ball Drop ✖✖✖ starts New Year’s Eve at 9pm (doors 8pm) at Café Cléopatra, 1230 boul St-Laurent. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door.

Win a pair of tickets by telling us your favourite John Waters film in the comments and sharing this post on Facebook or Twitter and tagging @forgetthebox and @glamgamproductions (FB) or @glam_gam (Twitter). We’ll pick a winner and announce who it is next Tuesday!

Montreal’s own orchestral gospel-inspired folk-rock band Lakes of Canada are releasing a new album. It’s called Transgressions and according to the band’s website, it’s inspired by Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. If that doesn’t already grab your attention and make you want to grab a copy, give a listen to the single Eden:

They’re launching the album on October 16th. Forget the Box in partnership with Indie Montreal are giving you a chance to win tickets to the launch and grab yourself a free copy of the album, too. It’s quite simple, really. All you have to do is share this post on Facebook or Tweet it along with your favourite Lakes of Canada song. Make sure to tag @forgetthebox and @indiemontreal so we actually see your entry.

We’ll put all the entries (one per person) into a hat, or a cup, or whatever’s around, and draw a winner, who will be announced on Tuesday, October 13th. The contest is not open to FTB contributors, editors and promo people as well as those who work for Indie Montreal, but if you are part of one of those groups, please don’t hesitate to share anyways!

Also, we’ll be posting a review of the album and an audio interview with the band in the next little while, so be on the lookout for that, too!

Best of luck!

The Winner: Joe McLean

The results of our hotel contest are in and we have a winner! Congratulations to Joe McLean you won a stay in an executive suite at Les Gouverneurs Hotel Montreal. We will be contacting you via email with the details. Thank you very much for participating and thanks to everyone else who played too. Also, a huge thank-you to Les Gouverneurs Hotels for this generous prize.

* Each correct guess on a photo got the entrant’s name on a ticket, some had their names on more than one ticket. The tickets were then placed in a Habs hat and the winning ticket was drawn at random.

The Answers

And now what everyone who didn’t win is waiting for: the answers. There were some tough ones and some easy ones and quite a few of you got quite a few of them right

Bench in Jeanne-Mance Park, near Duluth

contest 1
photo by Jason C. Mclean


 Cote-St-Catherine Metro Station (Orange Line)

contest 2
photo by Jesse Anger


 Rachel Est between Mentana & Boyer (Plateau)

contest 3
Photo by Chris Zacchia


Bar de Courcelle (St-Henri)

contest 4
Photo by Jason C. McLean


 Alley Near St-Joseph (Mile End)

contest 5
photo by Jason C. McLean


 Van Horne between Durocher and Querbes (Outremont)

contest 6
Photo by Jesse Anger


 The Turcotte Interchange as seen from St-Antoine and De Courcelle

contest 7
Photo by Jesse Anger


 Snowdon Metro Station (Orange and Blue Lines)

contest 8
Photo by Jesse Anger


 An alley near Hotel de Ville and Villeneuve

contest 9
Photo by Hannah Besseau


 Sherbrooke & Walkley (NDG)

contest 10
Photo by Jesse Anger

It’s contest time! FTB in partnership with Gouverneur Hotels is offering you a chance to win a night for free in an executive suite at Gouverneur Hotel Montreal. With knowledge of the city and a bit of luck, you can win!

How it Works

All the photos are now published below in this post. The only thing they all have in common is that they were taken somewhere in Montreal. Your job is to let us know where in town that is (which intersection, particular metro station, park, etc.).

To participate, share this post on either Facebook or Twitter, then send an email to with “Hotel Contest” in the subject line and your answer(s). You can answer for each photo individually or wait until they’re all up and send us one big email with all of your guesses, just make sure you indicate the number of the photo beside your answer(s).

How You Win

Each correct answer gets your name on a ticket. You don’t have to guess on every image, but it helps as wrong answers don’t take away from the number of tickets you have (they just don’t give you any more). The contest ends on Thursday April 9th at noon. Then will put all the tickets into a hat and draw the winner and make the announcement on Friday, April 10th.

Details, Details

And now, the fine print:

  • Contest is not open to Forget the Box contributors, photographers, editors, board members or other staff. Friends and family of these people are a-okay! (protip to FTB staff: get your significant other to enter and invite you if they win)
  • Employees of Gouverneur Hotels can enter, pretty much because our judges don’t know who you are, but do you really want to spend more time at work?
  • If you win, we will be announcing it and your name through our social media channels
  • Multiple entries answering the same questions from different email accounts will result in your immediate disqualification, though we won’t tell you about it, you just won’t win, and you’ll be left wondering, forever.
  • If you want to post your answers in the comments here or on Facebook, no one’s stopping you, just know that those won’t be counted and can decrease your chances of winning, unless you’re sneaky and post the wrong answers to mislead people, in which case, well played!
  • If you win, rejoice! But please, DON’T WRECK THE HOTEL ROOM! If you do, you’re on your own to pay for damages and we reserve the right to write an article about how horrible a person you are.

The Photos

contest 1
photo by Jason C. Mclean (obviously taken last year) Hint: It’s in a park, which one?


contest 2
photo by Jesse Anger. Hint: It’s a metro station, but which one?


contest 3
Photo by Chris Zacchia. We’re not just looking for the street, but at least one of the nearby intersecting streets


contest 4
photo by Jason C. McLean. Let us know either the intersection or the establishment


contest 5
photo by Jason C. McLean. It’s in an alley. We’re looking for at least one of the streets it’s near


contest 6
Photo by Jesse Anger. We’re looking for the street. Street and intersection gets two tickets in the draw.


contest 7
Photo by Jesse Anger. Yes, this is what you think it is, we need the intersection


contest 8
Photo by Jesse Anger. Hint: It’s a metro station, and not the same one in photo #2. Which one?


contest 9
Photo by Hannah Besseau. It’s in an alley. One ticket for the part of town and two if you can also tell us the nearest street.


contest 10
Photo by Jesse Anger. We need the intersection. If your knowledge of Montreal isn’t what you thought it was, Google may be your friend.













How was your Halloween? Did you go out? Did you wear a costume? Was it a good one? Was it the best costume in Montreal?

Well, we had a Halloween Costume Contest to answer that last question and the results are in:

1st Prize: The Girl with the Pearl Earring by Rosline Grand Montage Paquet via Instagram (@blaplagla). It’s the featured image of this post. She wins a pair of tickets to the RIDM Documentary Film Festival, a Forget the Box t-shirt and candy!

2nd Prize: The Shining Twins by Elianne Pauze and Nadia Nescapa via Facebook. They win a Forget the Box t-shirt and candy!

shining twins

3rd Prize: Tupac Shakur by Mohamed Hamad via Twitter (@mohamedhamad). He wins candy!


Winners can contact to pick up their prizes.

Here are some of the best entries we received (click the first image to start the sideshow).

Congratulations to everyone who entered!

Halloween Contest 2014Halloween Contest 2014

Halloween is a holiday that Montrealers celebrate in droves each year. FTB thinks that Montrealers have some of the best and most imaginative costumes out there. This is your chance to prove us right!

If you think your costume this year is a good one, find out if it’s a great one! Just take a picture of yourself wearing it, at a party, at home, on the metro, wherever, then share that image on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook using the hashtag #haloweenmtl and tag @forgetthebox

You have until Sunday, November 2nd at midnight. We’ll be sharing the top 20 costumes in a post on November 4th.

As if being named the best costume in a town known for great costumes isn’t enough, we’ve got prizes:

Best Costume: A pair of tickets to any show at RIDM International Documentary Festival in November (except opening and closing night), an official Forget The Box T-Shirt and a bunch of candy!

2nd Best Costume: An official Forget The Box T-Shirt and a decent amount of candy!

3rd Best Costume: Candy! (at least a couple of handfuls)

Now, the fine print:

1. Contest is open to anyone from anywhere but photos must be shared on social media from the Greater Montreal Area.

2. Contest is open to FTB contributors and staff, however prizes are not. If a member of FTB places first, second or third, their prize will fall to the person who placed below them on the list.

3. Group costumes are eligible, however there will be only one prize awarded per pic.

4. We will pick the best costumes based on merit. Re-shares on social media, though not officially counted, do give us a better idea of what the public thinks, so please encourage your friends to share.

5. We will not consider culturally insensitive or outright racist costumes. If you’re not sure what this means, ask someone.

6. Since this is Montreal, we probably should note that “candy” is not a euphemism for anything. We’re giving out actual Halloween candy, the kind the kids get.

So there you have it. Pretty simple if you ask me. Now get planning on those costumes, you just may have the best one in Montreal!

Jim Jefferies is a constantly evolving performer. This Australian native who now lives in LA caught the broader public’s attention when he got hit in the face on stage. Since then has played Just for Laughs “six or seven times” and appeared in standup specials on FXX and HBO.

He recently completed the second and final season of Legit, a critically acclaimed sitcom and his first foray into the world of series television. One of the things he had to get used to was working with others.

“Standup is a very solitary art form,” Jefferies said in a phone interview, “making a TV show is more collaborative, I found that bit quite hard because I’m not used to compromising with people. When I do standup I don’t have to compromise with anybody, really. I find standup easier, cause I’m used to doing it, but I did enjoy the challenge of television and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

One of the biggest elements of Jefferies’ routine over the past few years has been religion and his own atheism. After having done entire specials almost exclusively dealing with the topic, he’s changing things up.

“I still do little bits and pieces,” he says, “I’ve said almost everying I’ve ever wanted to say about atheism. I think you can carry on about atheism a bit too much and eventually you’re just a bloke standing on stage talking about nothing. The whole thing about atheism is you don’t have to constantly think about it because there’s nothing to think about.”

Evolution in his act is natural for Jefferies and something he sees as essential: “It’s like a zen garden, everything’s changing constantly. Your show evolves day to day, week to week.”

Montreal audiences will get the chance to see the latest evolution in Jefferies’ act this Friday and you and a guest can join them. We’re giving away a pair of tickets but you’ve got to work for it (a bit). First, sign up to our email list (in the right sidebar), then tell us your favourite Jim Jefferies joke in the comments below or tweet it to @forgetthebox using the hashtag #JFLMTL. If you’re new to Jeffries’ act, just use Google.

Our editorial team will select the winner and yes, FB likes and re-tweets will be factored in, so ask your friends to help.

Best of luck!

* If you don’t win, you can still get tickets through

Viktor Tatran opens the Photography exhibit Musée de la vie et de la mort this week at Théâtre Saint-James. This not to be missed show is on from June 2nd to 8th and features a series of provocative Erotic photography, artistic nudes as well as the artist’s powerful image series from Auschwitz, Germany.

The stark contrast between these subjects exemplifies the theme of the exhibit, where the viewer is tempted with seductive images of life in all it’s beauty and then reminded of our frail mortality by being confronted by images from the Holocaust.

Viktor tatran 2

Viktor Tatran is a former photojournalist who shot photos during the war in Afghanistan (1980-81) and then returned to pursue his career as a Fashion and Erotic photographer. This is Viktor Tatran’s first major international show, and as such he has invited three other photographers to present their work as part of this complete show. On display you will find the works of Thierry Quenette, MAXXX and Michel-Pierre Levy.

viktortatran_visuelautiliser_72dpiForget The Box is also happy to announce that we have a limited number of tickets for this event! To score a pair of tickets ($40 value) simply share this article on Facebook or Twitter or sign up to our email list (in the sidebar) and send and email to letting me know.

Musée de la Vie et de la Mort de Viktor Tatran au profit de la Fondation SoFy, Don d’organes from June 2-8 at Théâtre St-James, 256 St-Jacques Ouest (purchase tickets)


It’s true.

Sometimes, like when the weather finally starts to get warm, and you get to pull your shoes that weigh less than a small cat out of storage, you want something new and pretty. People who don’t wear dresses – please forward this to someone in your life who does!

This post is about Dress911, a company we’re proud to have an affiliate relationship with.

When I need to scratch the consumer itch, I tend to try and avoid physically taking myself to a store or mall and trying on a bunch of too-small things under harsh lighting surrounded by masses of other, better looking people.

The internet exists for a reason – but buying clothes from it has always been a bit of a risk size and fit wise. Most online stores hail from the good old USof A and so we get *screwed* on shipping, duties and returns and it ends up not being worth the effort (ask me about the $65 I spent once on a dress that didn’t fit me *grumble*).

The convenience factor is also sometimes problematic. You have to estimate if something will work for you, take a bet on whether or not it will be delivered as described and then you have to wait. And wait.

But then there was Dress911.

I found them about two years ago and have probably ordered around eight pieces from them since then. They’ve all been fantastic: accurately shown on the site and with spot-on measurements. I’m wearing one right now, I love my draped, green maxi dress!

It’s a Canadian company, the styling is excellent, the clothes are good quality and they’re located in London Ontario, so things usually arrive in under a week. If you ever happen to find yourself in the London Area, I strongly recommend stopping by. It’s a little out of the way, but they have the cutest little store – and it’s jam-packed with pretty things.

Oh – did I mention $5 shipping and free returns in case something doesn’t fit?


Not wanting to keep all of the nice things to myself, I thought I’d see if we could share the fun.

I connected with Michael, a Dress911 team member, and let him know how much I’d been enjoying his company and asked if I could spread the word a little.

Happily, he agreed, and donated a $50 gift card for one of our lucky readers. That’s more than enough to buy many of their dresses.

Entry is easy – all you have to do is subscribe for Forget the Box updates by entering your name and best email in the box to the right, and you’re good to go! We’ll be randomly selecting a winner on May 31st. You can check out all of the contest rules and regulations right here.

And if you can’t wait to start shopping head on over to Dress911 and get something nice for summer.

What about you? Do you shop for clothes online? If not, what has been your biggest hesitation?