Sometimes, there’s a little bit of Jonathan Swift in all of us. Mary Hynes is no different. Last week, this feisty senior living in North York, Ontario had some modest suggestions for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his plans to make serious budget cuts, affecting the city’s services, most notably the public library system.

She got the opportunity to deliver her comments to the mayor in person at the Executive Committee’s Core Service Review panel. Enjoy!

Morgan Davies and Anthony Anthony Konechny in Riverdale (Point Blank Creative)

Remember the Archies? Apparently the people at Vancouver-based film company Point Blank Creative do. They’ve made a fake trailer for a full length feature that’s a re-imagining of the story to say the least.

Shot for $3500 over two days, it looks pro and like something that could actually be made into a film…taking the fan-made trailer concept to a new level. People seem to like it too. Over 145 000 views and counting in just a few days definitely counts as viral.

The “film” was written by Cross Eyed Bear Comedy and directed by Andrew de Villiers with a cast and crew found on Craigslist (full list can be found on the video’s YouTube page).

Get ready to see the Archies in a whole new light!

Not quite sure if this is his first public appearance since getting released on bail, but it’s certainly the most interesting from Wikileaks founder/”enemy of the state” Julian Assange.

Following on the heels of The Rap News‘ initial take on Cablegate, the web video series hosted in rhyme by Robert Foster releases another musical take on Wikileak’s latest releases and this time the vid features Assange himself in a cameo.

This is kinda like newsmakers appearing on SNL for the progressive underground elements of the internet generation. Above all, it’s a clever, funny video…enjoy!

I’m at the top of a motherfuckin’ tree!

Montreal Rapper extraordinaire Chuggo, brings us his unique brand of X-Mas cheer with this stunning new video! A really deep and insightful take on the classic, Deck The Halls. Notice the delicate use of composition,
lighting and pets.

Here is what the critics are saying:

“Was that supposed to be a Christmas video? I’ve seen some ugly things in my day but this is making my eyes bleed.” Susan Boyle (Winner Britain’s got talent)

“I want to be your friend!” – Mark Zuckerburg (part-time programmer)

“Oh! I’m so proud of you. I just wish you wouldn’t swear so much, and that you visited your baba more often.” – Chuggo’s mom

“Is that Jack Black?” —

This is definitely going to be a classic Christmas song for years to come! Enjoy, and Merry X mas from all of us at ForgetTheBox!