JC Sunshine thinks his neighbour Jenny is dating Santa Claus and goes out looking for Ole St. Nick in hopes of having some “stern words” with him. Along the way, he meets many interesting people, discovers the true spirit of Christmas and celebrates with Rex, Ricardo and many special guests. Stay tuned until the end for a special Christmas time rendition of the song “Why do you only do me when you’re Drunk” by the band Sunshine from Brooklyn

Watch to discover the bizarre cast of characters that make up JC Sunshine’s world. The Santa Vs JC Sunshine Fight sequence in the middle is hilarious!

Starring: Jason C. McLean, Jerry Gabriel, Steve Ferrara, Crawford Forbes, Amy Santos, Steven Ferrara, Tj Pallas & Guests

Directed by: Chris Zacchia

Edited by: Eric Padam

Produced by: ForgetTheBox Media

Directed By: Chris Zacchia

How would you like to wake up to a big cup of James? Watch The Big James Morning show to get your day off on the right foot.

It’s not easy to wake up and give in to the drudgery known as your day job, but with a variety of topics, special guests and live acts, The Big James Morning Show will get you ready to face the outside world.

The Montreal based web show is hosted by James Arsenian (aka Big James), the singer of Montreal metal kings, Endast. The show has been running on YouTube since last year, and selected episodes will now also be available on ForgetTheBox.tv

Supporting local and independent video content has always been our creed. Now, Forget The Box is proud to bring you this fun talk-show twice a week. Get ready to be entertained!

Suzie prepares a very special cup of coco for when JC comes to pick up Rex. Meanwhile, unaware of Rex’s whereabouts, JC considers preying for Rex’s return and tries to find a religion that suits him, while preparing to interview special guest Jesus (Troy Conrad) via satellite from California.

WARNING: This episode contains religious parody which may offend and does not necessarily reflect the views or sense of humour of Forget The Box Media.

(original airdate April 4, 2010)

Aimee Davison has a goal: to do one hundred jobs, each for one hundred dollars or more. In the first episode, she shows how she cleans apartments when she’s not auditioning for roles and we meet Richard, a “kind, dedicated and honorable man who proves Aimee is worth $100 bucks.

Aimee is currently on episode 77, and we will be releasing an episode a week, until the whole project is done!

Keep an eye out for this feisty tiger, who has been prowling craigslist and the classifieds in a neighborhood near you!

JC Sunshine return home after drinking Suzie’s “special coco” with nothing but a fuzzy recollection of the evenings events. JC is ready to host his show like normal, but all isn’t normal for JC, Ricardo and Rex. Rex is under the weather and so he takes Rex to the vet where JC also meets special guest is Loretta Clark of the High Times store. Other special appearances by pot, booze, acid, peyote, cocaine and some concoction that we’re really not sure what it is…

The IOC forces JC Sunshine and Rex to flee to New York City and host the show from Brooklyn after they try to stage their own Olympic Games. They are forced to leave Ricardo behind at the border. Special guest is Crawford Forbes from the band Sunshine.

(Original airdate February 28th, 2010)