The British vote to exit from the UK, better known as Brexit, which took place a few months ago, is admittedly quite a complex issue. Many have tried to explain it in terms of history , socio-economic conditions and politics, but none have tried to explain it with food. That is, until now.

With their new video How to Make Cucumber Sandwiches, Töad Meädow, a collective based outside Buffalo, New York, does just that. The group “wants to encourage people to become producers of artistic content, rather than rampant consumers” and with this video they’re doing just that.

It’s a funny, sometimes irreverant, take on Brexit, mixed in with a brief history of other places leaving the UK. There’s even a bit on the Levesque-era Quebec sovereignty movement.

The short film was directed by Damon Hudac and produced by Melissa Campbell, who also appears in it. They hope to “bring light to this enormously important world event,” according to a press statement:

“We would like many people to see and talk about it. Basically, through history, many countries have attempted to separate from the UK as well as many other groups separating from their larger oppressive controlers. This is a light hearted look with a very serious message.”

Also, you really should cut off the bread crust. Enjoy!

Well, here’s something from the FTB Studios vault that’s appropriate to share again today, February 14th, also known as Valentine’s Day. It’s part of the self-produced web-TV series JC Sunshine’s Fireside Chat and while some of the jokes in the “news” segment may be a little dated (try 4 years), the three original songs and one original song parody are still catchy as hell.

So sit back with a loved one, or by yourself, we won’t judge, and enjoy JC, his neighbour Jenny, his stalker Suzie, Rex, Ricardo and special guest Cupid (Mylene Robic) in the JC Sunshine St-Valentine’s Day Musical Massacre!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Well, it’s Christmas Eve and while many may be hunkering down with family, others will turn to holiday entertainment. Maybe it’s classics like It’s A Wonderful Life or more recent cinematic traditions.

Or maybe, just maybe, you’re into short (or short-ish) Christmas-themed YouTube clips. If that’s the case, then enjoy this selection:

Captain Picard Sings Let It Snow

Just added to the, um, cannon this year, here’s Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise D singing the immortal classic Let It Snow. Thank James Covenant for putting this thing together and Make It So!


JC Sunshine Saves X-Mas

This one’s from our own archives. Produced by FTB as part of the series JC Sunshine’s Fireside Chat, this Power Rangers’-style battle features, Santa, teleportation, elves and the outside of Cavendish Mall in Cote-St-Luc. If you like it, you can also watch the full episode it’s from. Enjoy!

Jon Stewart on Megyn Kelly and Santa’s Race

Fox News host Megyn Kelly really stepped in it when she criticized one blogger’s suggestion that maybe we shouldn’t think of Santa as white. The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart probably had the best reaction:

Chuggo: Deck the Halls

Some Christmas rap? We’ve got some Christmas rap. Enjoy this piece by Montreal rapper Chuggo:

Jingle Cats: Let it Snow

And what YouTube Christmas video collection would be complete without the Jingle Cats? Not this one! Enjoy:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Forget the Box!

JC Sunshine thinks his neighbour Jenny is dating Santa Claus and goes out looking for Ole St. Nick in hopes of having some “stern words” with him. Along the way, he meets many interesting people, discovers the true spirit of Christmas and celebrates with Rex, Ricardo and many special guests. Stay tuned until the end for a special Christmas time rendition of the song “Why do you only do me when you’re Drunk” by the band Sunshine from Brooklyn

Watch to discover the bizarre cast of characters that make up JC Sunshine’s world. The Santa Vs JC Sunshine Fight sequence in the middle is hilarious!

Starring: Jason C. McLean, Jerry Gabriel, Steve Ferrara, Crawford Forbes, Amy Santos, Steven Ferrara, Tj Pallas & Guests

Directed by: Chris Zacchia

Edited by: Eric Padam

Produced by: ForgetTheBox Media

Directed By: Chris Zacchia

So a few days ago at Mount Royal Park in Montreal (recognize the statue?). A giant fucking eagle was circling up above and decided a toddler looked like dinner. Watch as he swoops down and picks the kid up. I particularly love the guy shouting “Oh Shit?!” in a french accent.

Thankfully the kid wasn’t hurt but seriously, WTF!??! Did you even know we had eagles that big? Ever seen anything like this in Montreal?

Update: So this video was digitally created by NAD design students: Normand Archambault, Loïc Mireault and Félix Marquis-Poulin as part of a school project. They will evidently be receiving a very good grade as grading is based on how viral a video goes…


How would you like to wake up to a big cup of James? Watch The Big James Morning show to get your day off on the right foot.

It’s not easy to wake up and give in to the drudgery known as your day job, but with a variety of topics, special guests and live acts, The Big James Morning Show will get you ready to face the outside world.

The Montreal based web show is hosted by James Arsenian (aka Big James), the singer of Montreal metal kings, Endast. The show has been running on YouTube since last year, and selected episodes will now also be available on

Supporting local and independent video content has always been our creed. Now, Forget The Box is proud to bring you this fun talk-show twice a week. Get ready to be entertained!

If opposites attract, then this marriage is screwed...

In our ongoing effort to make our election coverage both fun and informative, we have a truly awesome video for you today. In September 2010 Michael Ignatieff held an open mic in Montreal. This previously unreleased video shows a student journalist (or someone who pretends to be a student journalist) approach the mic to ask a question.

Before Iggy knows what hit him, the would be interlocutor announces that he will be asking his question in the form of a song and busts out a Mandolin. He then bursts into an inspired indictment of Liberal corruption and hypocrisy, set to a surprisingly catchy tune.

By the end of the song Iggy is left literally speechless and the room bursts into laughter and uproarious applause.

Although this video is more funny than serious it does convey an important point. The Liberals gutted social programs far more than the Conservatives have done when they were in power, and pretty much redefined political corruption.

Furthermore, Iggy himself was a vehement supporter of Dubya’s misadventure in Iraq, and has been an ardent supporter of torture over the years.

Don’t be fooled by their shiny campaign promises, these Liberals are just about as bad as the Conservatives, and they both represent a badly broken political establishment. If you’re looking for real change in this election, don’t look for it from the Liberals.

Morgan Davies and Anthony Anthony Konechny in Riverdale (Point Blank Creative)

Remember the Archies? Apparently the people at Vancouver-based film company Point Blank Creative do. They’ve made a fake trailer for a full length feature that’s a re-imagining of the story to say the least.

Shot for $3500 over two days, it looks pro and like something that could actually be made into a film…taking the fan-made trailer concept to a new level. People seem to like it too. Over 145 000 views and counting in just a few days definitely counts as viral.

The “film” was written by Cross Eyed Bear Comedy and directed by Andrew de Villiers with a cast and crew found on Craigslist (full list can be found on the video’s YouTube page).

Get ready to see the Archies in a whole new light!

Not quite sure if this is his first public appearance since getting released on bail, but it’s certainly the most interesting from Wikileaks founder/”enemy of the state” Julian Assange.

Following on the heels of The Rap News‘ initial take on Cablegate, the web video series hosted in rhyme by Robert Foster releases another musical take on Wikileak’s latest releases and this time the vid features Assange himself in a cameo.

This is kinda like newsmakers appearing on SNL for the progressive underground elements of the internet generation. Above all, it’s a clever, funny video…enjoy!

I’m at the top of a motherfuckin’ tree!

Montreal Rapper extraordinaire Chuggo, brings us his unique brand of X-Mas cheer with this stunning new video! A really deep and insightful take on the classic, Deck The Halls. Notice the delicate use of composition,
lighting and pets.

Here is what the critics are saying:

“Was that supposed to be a Christmas video? I’ve seen some ugly things in my day but this is making my eyes bleed.” Susan Boyle (Winner Britain’s got talent)

“I want to be your friend!” – Mark Zuckerburg (part-time programmer)

“Oh! I’m so proud of you. I just wish you wouldn’t swear so much, and that you visited your baba more often.” – Chuggo’s mom

“Is that Jack Black?” —

This is definitely going to be a classic Christmas song for years to come! Enjoy, and Merry X mas from all of us at ForgetTheBox!