NDP Leadership Candidate Brian Topp in Montreal!

Brian Topp will be in Montreal for an evening of politics, policy and pints this Wednesday, the 9th of November. Please come by and get to know one of the candidates in the race to replace Jack Layton as leader of the NDP.

Brian was born in Longueil and lived in Quebec until his late twenties. Although he has worked and lived across the country he has a special place in his heart for Quebec and a deep understanding of our realities.

Brian’s vision of a more equal society is exactly what the NDP needs as we challenge Stephen Harper and his Conservatives for government in three and a half years.

Brian has taken a courageous stand in favour of increasing taxes on the rich and corporations in order to reduce inequality and combat years of Conservative cuts.

He was the first candidate to come out publicly in support of Occupy Wall Street, and his proposed tax policy speaks directly to the concerns of this fledgling movement.

He also supports Palestinian statehood at the UN and will be revealing more planks of his platform in the coming weeks.

Brian has been endorsed by Quebec MPs Alexandre Boulerice, Francoise Boivin, Charmaine Borg and Alain Giguere, as well as party legends like Ed Broadbent, Roy Romanow and Deputy Leader Libby Davies among others.

This event will take place in the riding of Rosemont-Le-Petit-Patrie, and will be hosted by its MP, and NDP Treasury Board critic, Alexandre Boulerice.

Bring your friends, and your questions. Together we can build the party we need to take on the Conservatives and elect our first truly progressive national government. He will be at Pub Rosemont 2440, boul Rosemont Montréal from 6-9.

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