Never apologize for being young – go see Rich Aucoin live @ Il Motore tonight!

If you missed Rich Aucoin last time he was in town you should be sad. But! smile now because here’s your chance to have the fun put back in your life! Get your dancing shoes on, your ear-to-ear smile ready and go get crazy at Il Motore tonight with Rich Aucoin, D’eon, Superfossilpower and Pete Samples. It’s gonna be a colour adventure you’ll never forget – seriously dude, don’t miss this performance it’s one of the best in Canada right now.

Check out this review.

In case you think I’m lying (which I’m really bad at doing) here’s what others are saying….

“Rich Aucoin is so much more than just a musician. Aucoin doesn’t want everyone to hear his music, he wants everyone to be a part of it.” cokemachineglow

“He may sing about how “now, the lakes are frozen,” but Aucoin’s candy confections are enough to melt all of Halifax.” SPIN

“If you haven’t yet seen Rich Aucoin in concert, you’re simply not having as much fun as you should be. With his usage of viral videos interspersed with sing-along lyrical cues, Aucoin’s live show is a euphoric particip@ory capital-E Event. His laundry list of props includes confetti, a nylon playground parachute and a dangling net full of balloons, unleashed @ the show’s climax. All of these elements jam-packed into one 45-minute set lends Aucoin’s show the air of a gloriously carefree trip back to kindergarten, if only your kindly teacher paired your box of apple juice with a liberal dose of MDMA.” – Eye Weekly

Remember, fun is not a crime.

$10 @ the door, which open @ 8pm.

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