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It’s time to jack. FTB and We Heart Music introduces, Time to Jack, the latest column to join the Arts section. Written by local Montreal DJ and host of CISM‘s 89.3 FM, Ce Soir on Danse, Heidy Pinet, Time to Jack is an electronic music edition. Get ready to dance because Heidy’s gonna bring you the best of the best on local, national and international scenes. She’s got reviews, interviews, news and playlists all coming your way. Stay in tune kids, it’s gonna be an online party – playlist included.

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Well, seems like ForgetTheBox is expanding and it’s good news for the electronic music lovers. From now on I will feed you with some reviews, interviews and portraits of various beat oriented music styles on a weekly basis. We’re starting this collaboration with a playlist to help you get through the cold month of February.

Let’s face it. If I wasn’t containing myself I’d put ten songs from the NYC label Wolf & Lamb and maybe even crazier…ten songs from Nicolas Jaar. I confess, for the last six months my feeling for the 19 years old producer and his music are comparable to how I was feeling in grade five, when I was listening to the Spice girls! But eh! I’ll try to leave behind my obsession and be as eclectic as possible in this February selection. Song choice descriptions below.

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Duel Shaman – Ocean Breeze
Heading out from Romania these two guys first released the song Ocean Breeze digitally on the Canadian label Wide Angle. In September, they finally released a proper vinyl with this great remix by Tj Kong & Nuno dos Santos. The result is some tech-house almost trance hypnotic groove. The kind of beat that makes you wants to watch the sun set and hug your neighbour.

KZA – Le troublant acid
Don’t get fooled by the French title. We owe this beautiful track to KZA, a Japanese producer. What’s surprising here is to find where he got the sample from. It’s originally a 1977 track made by Paul Martin which turns out to be the pseudonym of the French actor Jean-Pierre Castaldi. Make your own comparison.

ZZT – Zzafrica
I’ve always been a fan of Tiga. Even though in the past couple of years I was sometimes deceived, I still have an unconditional love for him. He’s the reason why I decided to give a chance to music made out of computer. Believe me, if it wasn’t for him and his Dj Kicks, I’d still be head banging at Foufounes Electriques! Last fall, he teamed up a second time with Zombie Nation and released this techno masterpiece on the Montreal label Turbo records.

The bees – Winter love (Nicolas Jaar remix)
Nicolas Jaar spent his youth between New York and Santiago de Chile. What is striking about his music is the degree of maturity and consistency. At 19 years old, we can say that Jaar found his own particular sound. He tends to be on the slow BPM side and adds jazzy, and South American rhythm to his compositions. I selected this remix he did for the band The Bees but I highly suggest you to grab his debut album Space is only noise and offer it to your lover when it comes out on February 14th.

Storm Queen – Looks right through
Whether it’s under the name Metro Area, Magic Tim or Baby Oliver, Morgan Geist is always on top of his game. It’s no exception here with his project Storm Queen where he teamed up with the vocalist Damon C. Scott to create a catchy retro house hit.

Lauer – H.R. Boss
Another busy man here! You can enjoy his music skills with his projects Arto Mwanbe and Tuff city kids, He also finds the time to run the label Brontosaurus records. His newest solo effort got released on one of the most exciting labels at the moment: Live at Robert Johnson. If you like electro with a touch of melancholy you will LOVE this release.

Robag Wruhme – Thora Vukk
Usually during the winter season I tend to listen to depressing folk music or cold minimal techno. So far, in my suggestions you didn’t really see any of my dark side, but you won’t be spared. Robag Wruhme just released Thora Vukk on Pampa Records last month. The German producer offers a beautiful album with elements of house, tech-house and minimal techno. You should also listen to the mix he recently did for Kompakt. It’s called Wuppdeckmischmampflow. I dare you to shout it out loud 10 times.

John Roberts – Glass eight
Released on the German label Dial Records (who also released Efdemin masterpiece Chicago), Glass Eight came out last October. It was hard to pick up one song from this record since it’s the kind of album that you want to listen to entirely. I guess it’s the piano line that won my heart. Yes, you’ll find out soon enough that I am a sucker for piano in any house music release. That or handclaps of course. Have a listen to John Roberts performing live on Tim Sweeney’s radio show Beats In Space.

Paul Frick feat. Emika – I Mean (Dollkraut’s Band Reinterpretation)
I discovered Paul Frick at Mutek festival last year. He did a stunning performance with his trio Brandt Brauer Frick. What was memorable was their musician vision of the techno music. They were using only analog instruments, and their performance reminded me of Kraftwerk. Frick is back as a solo artist combining the coldness of electronic music with the warmth of Emika’s voice.

Superpitcher – Country Boy
Aksel Schaufler a.k.a Superpitcher is able to produce haunting pop melody. If you’re not too familiar with electronic music his new release Kilimanjaro could be a good start. Six years after his debut album Here comes love, Schaufker comes back with a beautiful pop sensibility mixed with electronic music elements. The dandy of electronic strikes again!

Photo by Martin H.P. Schramm


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