New Year, New You

A new year always seems like a good time for a fresh start. But why does it seem that making New Year’s resolutions is almost as common as breaking them?

New Year’s resolutions have existed since the time of ancient Babylon when people would make promises to the gods about paying back debts and returning borrowed objects. The most common resolutions these days include quitting smoking, losing weight and exercising, getting out of debt and spending more time with friends and family. This year, Google created an interactive map at their 2012 Zeitgeist website charting New Year’s resolutions around the globe. With over half a million entries, more than a third focused on the desire to love or be loved.

I suppose it’s no coincidence for us Northern dwellers since New Year’s Day falls right in the midst of the bleakest, most depressing stretch of the year to be sleeping in a bed alone. Also, seeing happily coupled up friends and family at the holidays can sometimes remind the bachelor or bachelorette of just how lonely they are… though it usually tips the other way when seemingly inevitable bickering between couples takes over.

Before you go being too hard on yourself for skipping the gym for the fourth consecutive day of 2013, you should know that New Year’s resolutions are an uphill battle. According to a 2007 survey of more than 3,000 people, 88% of resolutions end in failure.

Perhaps they fail because, at the end of the day, quitting smoking and losing weight aren’t really that exciting – there’s no immediate payoff or reward. Maybe it’s time to rethink the resolution. Let’s make 2013 the lust, love and intimacy.

If you’re single, make 2013 the year of dating and getting to know new people. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is through online dating. Honestly, I would have never thought it could work, but have been championing it after joining OkCupid last summer as a social experiment. I thought I’d be able to turn it into a really good article or two, maybe eat a free dinner or catch an interesting movie, but then wound up meeting someone truly wonderful and special. Most importantly, cultivate the traits in yourself similar to those of person you want to attract. If you set out to be a nurturing, kind person, the universe might just send you someone like that in return.

Make 2013 the year of new sex. Try positions you’ve never tried before. Book a romantic getaway for a sex-filled weekend under exotic sheets.  Explore a new fetish or kink that you’ve been hesitant to indulge.

Make 2013 the year of having more orgasms. Try giving yourself an orgasm everyday for a month, or see how many orgasms you can have in one day, and try to top it the next. Buy a new vibrator and show your partner exactly where you like it, or let them explore for themselves. Knowing your body is one of the most important aspects of having a fulfilling sex life.

If your New Year’s resolution is to watch more cute cat video, and really, admit it, we could all use a little more cat-related cuteness in our lives, this should quench your thirst quite nicely:

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