Catch living legends Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at Osheaga


Few things are more epic than a performance by long-time musicians Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Here’s the thing though, and this is going to require you dropping your pretentious exterior of superior music-connoisseur-identity. Do you really listen to Nick Cave or do you just have all of his albums, name-drop frequently and switch your iPod to Riff Raff when you’re alone? Just curious. No judgement.

The Australian alternative rock band involves stuff like The Birthday Party (I guiltily admit I listen to them more), it involves novels, Grinderman, and spans decades. But The Bad Seeds are indeed a product of the 80’s, meaning sometimes it can get a little too cheesy and keyboard-y for my own personal tastes. But are my personal tastes really that important here? Not really.

I haven’t had a thirty year career full of crashing international success and innovative black-valentine ballads full of blood-and-lace lyrics. With album titles like Abattoir Blues, Tender Prey, Murder Ballads and The Boatman’s Call, Nick Cave is rich in madness and, even if you just like to say you listen to him rather then actually listen to him, maybe that’s because deep inside yourself you know Nick Cave has at least earned your creative respect.

For those of us born in the late 80’s, a good few years after Nick Cave was already doing his thing, this is your chance to really dig into the mystery of Nick Cave; there’s no better way to make up your mind about an artist then to get your ass to a live performance. And for veteran fans who already know the mystifying wonder of Nick Cave’s shadowy mythology, Osheaga is just another outlet for you to be there, experiencing it. Because I’m a rock writer, I can sit on the fence, observing, entitled to opinions and giving advice without taking it. Do I listen to Nick Cave? Sometimes. Do I switch to Riff Raff when no one is around? Fuck no. Will I be there, taking in this live show with mild awe and respect? Sure.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds perform Saturday, August 2 at 8:05 p.m. at the Molson Canadian Mountain Stage. Osheaga takes place August 1 to 3 at Parc Jean-Drapeau.

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