NXNE: Boat Cruise, BLEACHED & Rooftop BBQ

Bleached at NXNE

M for montreal boatOn our last day exploring NXNE we ventured to the M for Montreal Bruise Cruise, ended up at a rooftop BBQ at a hostel, then ran around the city watching band after band. To make this easy and fun for you, we’ve broken the coverage up into two parts: NXNE day and NXNE night for June 16. Oh, small side note… One thing about watching so many bands is that after a while it all becomes pretty blurred. Especially if they all sound alike. Lucky enough for us this wasn’t the case with the bands we saw on Saturday.

So let’s get started with daytime coverage!

Saturday, June 16 DAYTIME started with the M for Montreal boat cruise. This was my first M for Montreal boat cruise, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. We got there just in time, boarded and headed to get a beer. What more could you want on a hot sunny day during a music festival? Seriously dude, so needed. The line-up for the boat cruise included some of the same bands from the Pop Montreal Showcase from Friday night (BLEACHED and Hooded Fang), so I wasn’t as stoked about seeing them again, but instead talked with some of the showgoers about their NXNE experiences. I’ll talk about these conversations in the NXNE festival review. I did meet this guy who actually dished me some dirty details about Avril Lavigne – remember her? Gotta love first-hand celebrity gossip.

Bleached at NXNE
Bleached at NXNE on M for Montreal Bruise Cruise – Photo Chris Zacchia

Back to the boat music… BLEACHED was the highlight for the boat showgoers. When they took stage, the boat show area was packed with dancing, semi-drunk BLEACHED fans. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of BLEACHED, but they definitely get the kids all pumped up.

While I was mingling we came across these wicked guys from Wales who play in horn-rock band called, The Roseville Band. They where in town for NXNE and invited us to a BBQ and rooftop show at the hostel they were staying at, Planet Traveler. So of course after spending four hours off land, it would only be natural to go from water to a rooftop.

By the time we finally got off the cruise, made a stop at the LCBO, and found the hostel. The Roseville Band had already played. Super bummed. I was so stoked to see them. But, c’est la vie of running around from show to show. So when shit like this happens, you gotta rely on soundcloud.

We did get to see some rooftop jams however as Mushy Callahan played next.The band is composed of 4 brothers and has an Indie alternative sound. They entertained us as the guests smoozed, drank and were treated to free BBQ fair.

Mushy Callahan
Mushy Callahan @ Planet Traveler photo Chris Zacchia

Well that’s what happened, and who we saw, what we did for daytime. NXNE during the day can be a hit or miss. But there is one thing that’s always confirmed (usually) about daytime events – you get to meet lots of new friends that you’ll remember later on during the nighttime!

What can you expect for the night? How about Poor Young Things, Yukon Blonde, Twitter Gong Show, another Pop Montreal Showcase featuring Country and some sweet DJing at the Drake Hotel.

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