NXNE: The Bright Light Social Hour & Tupperware Remix Party

The Bright Light Social Hour
The Bright Light Social Hour
The Bright Light Social Hour at the Horseshow; photo Chris Zacchia

I’ve made it through day one of NXNE. Once upon a time I could go for days, but these days I enjoy sleep. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. Let’s talk about what happened, and not how hung over I am. Unless you want to do that? Jokes! So, our first night hitting the mean streets of Toronto for NXNE lead us to an island for a VICE party, had us stumbling towards The Hideout for crazy wicked performance by Tupperware Remix Party, and ended at the Horseshoe Tavern where we listened to a solid old school rock n’ roll show by The Bright Light Social Hour.

In order to get the VICE party you needed to catch a ferry towards Toronto island. I haven’t been on a ferry in years, so this was a nice little change from the subway or bus. Plus we made friends, and watched some cute folk band from PEI record a music video. Very cool. When we finally got to the fly infested island, and tracked the VICE party where Dusted and Smith Westerns were going to be playing, it was shutting down. It wasn’t even 10pm. What’s up with that VICE? Anyway. We did get to listen to some 90’s R&B, but sadly no Dusted or Smith Westerns. Whomp, Whomp (sad smiley face).

So we ventured back to the city, and hit up The Hideout to see my friend Jorin and his band Tupperware Remix Party.

Tupperware Remix Party

Tupperware Remix Party was just getting ready to hit the stage when we showed up. Have you ever seen Tupperware Remix Party? Dude, they have the best costumes ever, and the most face melting music I’ve ever heard. It’s new wave electronic meets Halloween! These guys come from the planet Zorbon, but have been known to call Halifax their second home. Make sure to check them out next time they’re playing a show near you.


The Bright Light Social Hour

Bright Lights Social Hour are a foursome of damn-well handsome boys from Austin, Texas. These dudes have serious old rock n’ roll souls. They have this crazy ability to shake the walls, get inside your heart and have you mesmerized by their performance. I couldn’t look away. The guy sitting next to me kept giving me the “Holy shit. This is fucking amazing!” look. Plus, they’re extremely easy on the eyes… if you’re into that old school 70’s, long-hair, rock boy thing.

Well that’s day one. In between yesterday at 5pm and today at 11am, I think I made about 12 new one-night friends. Don’t quote me on that though.

Tonight we’re going to be hitting up the free show at Dundas Square to see Eight and Half, and Plants and Animals. After that we’re going to wander to the Sliver Dollar to check out the POP Montreal showcase. And who knows where else we’ll end up. Hopefully not on an fly infested island again.

Photos by Chris Zacchia

For more pics from the night check out our NXNE photo gallery

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