NXNE: Poor Young Things, Yukon Blonde, Twitter Gong Show & Country

Poor Young things
Poor Young things
Poor Young Things @ NXNE photo Chris Zacchia

So after the Rooftop BBQ we headed right down to The Horsetavern to see Poor Young Things, and the secret guest. Poor Young Things come from Thunder Bay, Ontario. They packed up their shit, and moved to Toronto without knowing anyone (via their website). I stumbled upon them about two months ago and was addicted to their song, “Blame It On The Good Times“. Maybe I could relate? Heh.

Anyway, they’ve been referred to as Tom Petty like, Canadian alternative rock, and after seeing them live I would definitely tag them as one of Canadian’s up-and-coming rock bands. Poor Young Things played to a pack venue, ripping into song after song, and charmingly chatting with the audience in front of them. They’ve got that catchy Canadian alternative sound running through their blood and pouring out in their music, and they give show-goers exactly what they want: a band you would pay to see again, and again.

Yukon Blonde
Yukon Blonde at NXNE – Photo Chris Zacchia

After Poor Young Things, came the surprise NXNE guest…and who was it? Yukon Blonde. I was complaining from Thursday to Saturday because Yukon Blonde wasn’t listed. Seriously, pretty sure Chris was super annoyed with me. Anyway! Yukon Blonde played a mix of tracks off their various albums, including my favourite, Brides Song (album, Yukon Blonde) and Stairway (album, Tiger Talk). They even got their friends from the Wooden Sky to join them, and had numerous females gushing over them as they played. By the time they finished up The Horseshoe Tavern was more packed and hot than a bag of microwave popcorn. It was pretty intense. So we bounced and headed to the westside.

twitter gong show
Twitter Gong Show @ NXNE – Photo Chris Zacchia

Instead of heading straight to another music show, we spiced it up and hit up the Twitter Gong Show at LOT 100 on Ossington. The Twitter Gong Show is a comedy skit that features live comedians, who then get picked on by crowd as they live tweet their opinions and jokes about the comedian on stage using the hashtag #twittergong. Oh, and they pick on you too. It wasn’t a packed house, but almost every person there was interacting with the live twitter feed…including Chris and I. Of course, I went ahead and started picking on the host because he said my name wrong. Which resulted in me being heckled for the whole event. This concept is genius. More people should have their live twitter feed…everyone loves to see their face online.

Country @ NXNE - Photo Chris Zacchia
Country @ NXNE – Photo Chris Zacchia

After the Twitter Gong Show we ended up at another Pop Montreal Showcase where Country was performing. Country is a weird dream to watch. Their show included smoke machines, dark lights, neon lighting, and an odd awkward feeling. But it was amazing! They’ll be playing again in Montreal soon. Be sure to check em out.

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