Orny Adams gets into the hole at OFF-JFL

Orny Adams didn’t have an opening act to warm up the crowd for his new set Get Into the Hole, but he managed to pull off his first OFF-JFL show on July 16 at Théâtre Saint-Catherine anyways.

Orny worked the packed theatre, giving them the lowdown on all the shit you have to deal with when you’re 40. Soon there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, as most of us couldn’t stop laughing.

His new set has a lot of material that details his philosophy on the enduring hardships of the human condition. One of his jokes on third world countries with first world problems was the killer joke of the evening.

Orny is the type of comedian capable of showing the major inherent differences  between people of different age groups while ripping on them, talking about how great his life is and still pulling off why his life is so sad. He’s just that good.

Orny has been around the New York comedy scene for over a decade and was featured in the Jerry Seinfeld’s 2002 documentary, Comedian. He has been at the festival a few times and has managed to find himself at this year’s OFF-JFL.

Orny Adams is definitely a must see at the fest and will be playing between July 21-25 at La Chappelle. Tickets available at hahaha.com

* Photos by Danny Belair, courtesy of OFF-JFL

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