Montreal Osheaga Festival Round-Up

Montreal Music festival Osheaga is coming to town this weekend and with it a plethora of bands for you to lush over. This year the festival has expanded to a three day bonanza featuring five outdoor stages and a ton of Musicians! This is gonna be a hell of a trip, I hope you’re ready!

As with any good outdoor music festival worth its spit, Osheaga is gonna have a bunch of great bands all playing at the same time. And it’s going to take a well weathered and speedy heel to catch all the good stuff when it goes on and not to miss any of the hidden gems. A good look at the schedule and a solid plan would be our first suggestion. Osheaga’s website actually provides a handy schedule creator that comes in quite useful when trying to plan your day. If you’re gonna be on the go all weekend, outside and away from your computer (what are the chances of that at an outdoor festival?), then you might want to download the Osheaga app for (iphone & android). The app will let you select all the bands you want to see and give you a little summary of all the bands you didn’t know you wanted to see.

Going through the list of bands, I realized there was so much I wanted to check out, but you can only be in one place at a time, right? Well prepare to defy the laws of physics as we suggest everything you should check out! Here is a chronological list of what we’re planning on seeing and think you should too.

Friday things kick off in the afternoon (to skip to Saturday click here).

4:00 – Charles Bradley – A masterful Jazz Musician, Charles Bradley is a great way to ease your way into the on coming tornado of music for the weekend. Sit back and let his soulful wailing and brass sound penetrate you.

4:20 – Lights – OK so after a 20 minute warm get ready to get your dance on with Intergalactic Indie Electro starlet Valerie Anne Poxleitner. This Canadian Gal from Toronto is a rising star on the Canadian and international scene, making people dance to her high energy and fun beats. She won a Juno in 2009 as Best New Artist and is just climbing and climbing.

5:00 – Uncle Bad Touch – This guys are gonna blow your mind and kick your ass. This side project of Priestess Singer Mikey Heppner is raw and aggressive garage rock at its finest. And they’re from Montreal, how can you go wrong!?

5:20 – Bran Van 3000 – Ok, not gonna lie, these guys are hella talented and you never know who’s gonna show up on stage but I feel these guys are a little passed their prime hits territory. Their last album Rose was melodic and nice but they no longer bring with them the fun party lovin’ guys of the 90’s… and that’s ok! James Disalvio has transformed this musical collective into much more then a buddies drinkin in LA, to a full on celebration of music and awesome groves.

5:45 – Glass Candy – These guys bring some healthy synthy Electro beats to the stage. The band is fronted by female lead vocalist Ida No, who brings a sultry voice to the heavy bass sound. I don’t know much about these guys yet but from what I’ve heard, I like! And I’m quite excited to see these guys; as soon as I heard their first track my interest had been peaked.

6:10 – Broken Social Scene – Affectionately know as Toronto’s answer to the Arcade Fire, I’ve been meaning to see these guys for ever. A music collective of great musical minds these guys have been staples on the Canadian music scene for a while. (Why did I wait so long?) This 8 piece group (sometimes more) is sure to please.

7:05 – Kid Cudi – Call this one of my dirty pleasures… but I like Kid Cudi. I’m not much for hip hop rhythms but there is something about his music that really gets me in the mood. He’s definitely got some songs that have graced a sexy playlist or two in their day. Maybe its the mix of Electro beats, or the way his silky voice rhymes?

8:00 – The Rural Alberta Advantage – Guess where these guys are from? Yup, Toronto. The Rural Alberta Advantage bring that Indie Folk-pop sound that I’ve been loving these days and that I can’t stop playing on my ipod.

8:45 – Timbre Timbre – These guys bring a dark brooding Indie sound to the stage. Melodic and creepy, these are another group that I’ve been meaning to check out for a while but haven’t had the chance to.

9:10 – The Barr Brothers – These guys sound beautiful. I had the pleasure of first being introduced to this group during CMW in Toronto. The group fronted by brothers Brad and Andrew are joined by the majestic sounds of Sarah Page on Harp (the thing is huge) and multi-instrumentalist Andres Vial. Formed in Montreal these guys were recently signed to Secret City records and are gearing up for a new Album launch in September. Lots of great new songs!

Ok, so if your not exhausted after this whirlwind of musical sensory overload, you get to do it again for two more days; that is if you can keep up. And for all those of you wondering how it’s even possible to see all these acts (as some do overlap and some of them are across the island from each other) I guess you’re not yet familiar with Zacchia time. For anyone who’s been to this time zone you understand! đŸ™‚

On to Saturday: more bands, more music, and more fun then you can shake a stick at.

1:10 – JesusLesFilles – This french band from Montreal has a raw garage type sound. A great opener to the day, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

2:00 – Oh Land – This is fun sounding upbeat electo pop. She actually reminds me of one of my favorite groups The Bird and The Bee. From Copenhagen, Denmark she sure to impress this Montreal crowd.

2:10 – The High Dials – You might have to pic between Oh Land and the High Dials here as they are playing simultaneously. The High Dials are more of a rock n roll style with character. These guys recently partnered with War Child to help raise funds for children in war torn countries.

3:10 – Mother Mother – An Indie rock band from Vancouver, these guys are currently touring the States to adoring audiences. They will also be busking for War Child throughout the weekend, so keep an eye out for them and toss some change in the cup.

3:20 – Tokyo Police Club – These guys are one of my favorite bands! I listen to them every where I go and can’t stop kicking myself that I was too hung over to catch their show when they were in town playing with another of my favorite bands Two Door Cinema Club. They are fantastic!

4:15 – The Mountain Goats -These guys have been around for a long time, like 20 years long. The band, John Danielle and a revolving door of talented musicians has been bringing an Indie sound to stages for a while. At Osheaga they will be playing as a 3 piece.

5:35 – Sia – I liked some of Sia’s earlier music but haven’t heard anything from her in years. Well she’s back and her sound has evolved. Formerly her music had somewhat of a melancholy feel to it with wispy and foggy sounds. Her new music is much more upbeat and is somewhat of a throw back to some of her influences including Madonna and Cyndi Lauper.

6:30 – PS I Love You – These guys are one of the hottest groups on the Canadian music scene right now. A two piece their sound will surprise you. Recently praised by Pitchfork as being some of the “best new music” around, I can’t wait to see them again!

7:25 – Death From Above 1979 – Are you ready to Rock out with our c*ck out! These guys need little introduction, a powerful rock sound with electro influences these guys set their speakers to 11.

8:15 – Ratatat – These guys are NY electric music awesomeness. They make awesome tunes and they remix the tunes they love! They released both original and remix albums since their debut in 2004 and are probably the best raw sounding electric guys in the US of A.

9:50 – Bass Nectar – I had never heard of these guys till I was looking at the Osheaga line up but I’ve been blown away. These guys are heavy and melodic with a mix of… everything. I was really surprised by the wide range of this group from turntable beats to pounding bass lines they sound like the real deal.

10:10 – Fucked Up – Last but not least prepare to get Fucked Up! From what I hear these guys are heavy and put on one Hell of a show! I super stoked. Get ready to grind it up in the mosh pit!

So if your not exhausted yet, and I am just from writing this, then we have one more day in store for you. To check out all the goings on on Sunday tune back here for our preview of the last day of Osheaga.


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