Have You Heard? The Papirmasse Postcard Issue is Coming!

For those of you who don’t know, Papirmasse is locally run art collective run by Kirsten McCrea. The goal of the collective is to bring unique and affordable art to the masses. Papirmasse is also heavily involved in the Montreal art community as we have showcased with their appearances at Puces POP and Montreal Nuit Blanche.

Papirmasse’s mission being to bring cheap art to everyone operates a subscription service that for 5$/month delivers a new and unique piece of art by a local artist directly to your door. The program has feature great artists such as: JP King, Jeff Kulak, Chloé Beaulac, Matt Hovey, Alan Ganev, David Orfé, Kirsten McCrea as well as many others. Their latest project (and the plan for the summer) is a special “Post Cards” issue. Papirmasse is calling for submissions from you! Below is the official call out from the Papirmasse website, take a look and send in your postcard!

What did you do on your Summer Vacation? POST CARD Art Contest!

Deadline: postmarked July 31 2011

Papirmasse is putting out a postcard issue to celebrate the summer! We want your laziest, tawdriest, sexiest, slummingest, most adventurous summer stories and images. Did you climb a mountain? Throw up at a wedding reception? Win a national election? Whatever the case may be real or fictional we want to see it.

You can submit either a short story (max. 300 words) or a visual image. Read on for details!

How to submit:

This is a postcard issue, and we want you to submit by mailing us a postcard!

Artists: mail us a 5.25 x 7.25 inch postcard that visually addresses the theme of what you did on your summer vacation. Don’t worry about making it too literal we like a little imagination. On the back please include your full name, website (if you have one), mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number.

Writers: send us a story on a 5.25 x 7.25 inch postcard, max 300 words. It can be either typed or handwritten, and all forms of writing are accepted. On the back please include your full name, website (if you have one), mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number.

Please note that the final print size will be 5×7 inches.

Send entries to:


372 Ste Catherine Ouest, Suite 408
Montreal, Quebec H3B 1A2


c/o Kasini House
PO Box 1025
Burlington, Vermont 05402

We will select the top 10 submissions and print them as our September issue!

And now for the good stuff:


All selected contributors will receive a free postcard pack and will have their art distributed to hundreds of people all over the world.

1st Place will also get a free subscription to Papirmasse and a 2009 folio!

2nd Place will also get a free subscription to Papirmasse

3rd Place will get a free 2009 folio

Mail art your heart out and tell us how you spent your summer!

Deadline: postmarked July 31 2011

For more information please contact Kirsten McCrea at kirsten@papirmasse.com

Please note that entries will not be returned and that by submitting you grant Papirmasse the right to reproduce your work in physical and digital format. All reproductions will be credited to the artist via the name submitted on the application.

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  • Yay! This is awesome! … Coincidentally, I was at the Archive Montreal yesterday digging through a pile of zines, and came across one of Kirsten McCrea’s mail-style zines that was featured at Expozine a few years ago.

  • ya really awesome; i will try to participate

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