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Laurence Tenenbaum Down with Big Brother! Down with Big Brother! Down with Big Brother!
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Laurence Tenenbaum B. B. .. B. B. .. B. B.
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Laurence Tenenbaum *in response to certain news items about someone being arrested as a terrorist for merely venting his frustrations on FB.
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Laurence Tenenbaum quoting Orwell in certain countries can get you killed. This is because we live in an Orwellian world.
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Sign of the times?

It is true that the CIA or the FBI or CSIS or any other government secret service can have me arrested simply for writing “Laurence Rants.” I admit that the army of boys would have given me up to the Nazis almost immediately and very likely I would have been tortured, probably among the first wave of those gassed with Cyclon B, an acidic gas that leaves a skeleton with an eerie, greenish appearance.

News reports I’ve heard lately tell me that they will let someone who is already on the watchlist, whose own father reported him to the authorities, get onto an airplane without any baggage, but if somebody vents their frustrations at long lineups and ridiculous strip-searches at airports given in response, they are accused of being a terrorist.

I know. BE PARANOID! A certain schizophrenic friend of mine told me that. I’ve since lost contact with him. You have the right to remain silent, unless we say otherwise. Anything you say, or don’t say, will be used as evidence against you. They make you sign a blank piece of paper and then fill in a standardized set of lies that will be used as evidence to get your head cut off.

The truth is, freedom of speech and freedom of thought is just an illusion. Nobody is truly free. Everybody is truly free. Get off of me!

The truth is, that America is about ten inches away from becoming another Gestapo. Wow. I sound bad. What a downer. That reminds me, I have to take my meds.

Ok. Bad joke. Unfortunately, human psychology is fraught with difficulties. In the 21st century, it seems that everyone is crazy and therefore needs to be on some kind of medication.

The pharmaceutical industry grows, raises their prices and rejoices. Every day, they come up with a new pill. Then they come up with a new disease to inflict on the populace for which this pill is a treatment.

There is no longer such a thing as a cure, outside of discredited folk remedies. Sometimes folk remedies work best. Either through placebo or chemical effect, often combined with the immune and healing systems naturally present in us all.

The system believes that creating a problem to be medicated away is the answer, creating all sorts and manner of problems and stresses to drive people insane, cause heart attacks and other diseases such as various cancers, gouts, and lymphomas… etc.

Of course, I still have a bad cold. All the cold medicine in the world won’t help. I tried several of the leading cold medications without relief of symptoms (see last week’s column). Ok. That’s it for this week.

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