Patrick Stewart Added to #JFLMTL Lineup

Sir Patrick Stewart, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Professor X himself, is coming to Montreal this summer.

No, he’s not here shooting the next X-Men film, though that shoot is happening in town. He’s not coming to sit on a panel and sign autographs at Comicon, he already did that a couple of years ago. He’s not performing Beckett or Shakespeare, either, at least we don’t think so.

He’s coming to do comedy. Specifically, he’ll be hosting a gala at Just for Laughs.

Make It So…Funny

After the initial excitement of such an icon coming to town settles, you may find yourself asking “is Patrick Stewart a comedian?” Well, not in the classic stand-up sense, but he can be funny as hell.

I know it might be hard to imagine the man known for badass and touching moments as a top-notch comedian, but he is. Just think of his roles on American Dad and Family Guy, his appearances on late-night shows like the Colbert Report and Jimmy Kimmel and you’ll know it’s true.

He is a master of spoofing his own public image. The overly dramatic, classically trained British actor can perform a sendup of himself like no other. It’s like Shatner but more classy. His Ice Bucket Challenge video is a prime example.

Already a Great Lineup

Sir Patrick Stewart will join a lineup of talent that is already quite exceptional. With the likes of Weird Al Yankovic, Dave Chapelle, incoming Daily Show host Trevor Noah, Neil Patrick Harris and Mike Meyers already headlining, this one looks like a real barn burner. And that doesn’t even mention the rest of the JFL lineup, the OFF-JFL lineup or performers playing Zoofest this year.

Now, with Stewart, JFL can boldly go…oh, forget the puns, here’s something to tide you over until he gets here:

* Patrick Stewart will host the July 22nd 9:45pm Gala at Place des Arts. For tickets and more:

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