Peace be with you

Peace be with you, my brethren. I hope all is well. For the Day of Atonement is upon us (actually it was on Friday night and Saturday). I admit that I have been lazy, lethargic, drunk and very irresponsible these past three weeks. I haven’t submitted a rant in a little while, in part because I couldn’t think up a new topic. It isn’t easy to rant every week without repeating yourself. And of course, I have repeated myself.

In this past year I have ranted about everything from bad infrastructure, bedbugs, idiots on bicycles and my high blood pressure. Others have ranted against me as well as ranted with me. I’ve reacted to slanders and scandals and committed such atrocities. I’ve been accused of being a bad driver, but I haven’t had an accident. It’s true that I usually rant bitterly about the road conditions while driving, but I already ranted on Forget The Box several times on the subject, trying to take it from different angles.

I admit I’ve been rather hedonistic of late as well, running up debt faster than I can manage. More rants on debt and banks to come in the following year. Maybe. I have been on vacation and very lazy, out late every night and sleeping in every morning, living and breathing and very high on life, art and music. I expect the rants to come somewhat less often, as I would like less irritation overall.

So this atonement is a chance to reflect on the past year. It was a very eventful year for me, I started working at my trade again, moved back into my previous apartment, got a cellular telephone, did things I swore I’d never do, did other things I swore I’d never do again and learned to parallel park… like a true suburbanite.

I started up a new band, with people I’ve known for a very long time, got myself a jam space at 1180 St-Antoine (the subject of another rant), got myself a new acoustic bass guitar, upon which I painted an ammonite. I switched from playing heavy doom metal back to playing heavy proto-metal psychedelic rock.

I was supposed to attend certain meetings and events that I didn’t attend; I attended things I shouldn’t have, missed out on some things simply because I was both too tired and too broke. I complained bitterly about that, but there is only so much that I’m capable of, especially given that I’m almost 35 years old and not 21. I just don’t have the endurance to go three days without sleep anymore. Back when I was 21, I’d been known to attend the full duration of parties that lasted about a week, only going home for short bursts to shower, change clothes and get more of whatever it was we were drinking at the time.

I learned to play my ex-roommate’s organ, which he left behind. I hope he comes soon to retrieve his stuff and make room for me to finally finish unpacking and bring back my furniture from its storage space.

I’m sure there’s other stuff I’ve forgotten to mention here.

At last, may the coming seasons be healthful, joyous, and prosperous. May we all have great successes and victories over whatever challenges come our way. Peace be with you, my dear brethren.

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