Phone someone your own size

I just got a phone call from one of those horrible telemarketing scam artists known as a collection agent over a bill that I paid last year. Apparently, Bell Canada isn’t satisfied to have their bill paid only one time. Now I’m supposed to pay again?

I faxed the only receipt I could find to the collection agency. Strange how their fax number included 666 and even though it was “toll-free,” I found out quickly that it was a local number.

I think I want to hurt a bell employee. Make them suffer the way that I’ve suffered and God knows I’ve suffered. But that’s just emotion talking. The truth is, they’re just a bunch of poor, unscrupulous louts who work in the telemarketing field because there are not many other jobs available on this godforsaken island. Maybe nuking the city is the only answer.

Ok. Perhaps that view is a bit extreme. Perhaps that’s throwing the baby out with the bathwater…

I gave Bell Canada a good and fair chance. As long as I was doing well, no problem. Well, that’s not exactly true…

I once had a phone line with Sprint Canada and the service was terrible. When I first got the Bell account, they refused to send me a bill, telling me that I had to look it up online or some other garbage like that. I then told them that under the law, if they don’t send me a bill, there’s nothing to pay. I kept my bills paid until my bankruptcy last year. Now, a year later, the collection agencies are on my ass for an insignificant amount. It’s not even worth THEIR time.

This is Bell adding insult to injury. I think BCE, or Bell Canada shouldn’t attack with such venom. Telemarketing should be completely illegal, with all current practitioners getting a torturous death sentence. This includes collection agencies! (I don’t think too highly of accountants or tax collectors, either.)

Why is everything continually going down the tubes!?!? I’m told that back in the 1920’s Montreal was THE place to be in Canada. My goodness, how things have changed for the worse!

So, I think I’m going to add Bell to my boycott list. No more BCE for me! I still, unfortunately need Quebecor, for Videotron internet. (I don’t like Quebecor, or the way they run their print shops, but I already ranted about them). I still need to fuel my car with petrochemical fuels, but I still boycott Petro Canada, until they start treating their employees in a more ethical manner.

I buy local whenever possible, factoring in quality and price. Sometimes the local companies are the worst ones, though, in which case I just might opt for an import. I try to avoid buying anything made in Korea or China, not just because of the way they treat their workers, but also because imports from these countries are not known for their quality.

If I ever have children, I will always avoid buying anything made or imported by Mega Brands, despite the fact that they are a local employer. As a former employee there, I cannot in good conscience buy their products, among other reasons, because they screwed me and everyone else on the factory floor when it came down to the paycheques.

… And that’s the bottom line.

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