Play the game

I know.   Play the game.   The waiting game, the quiet game, I’m not allowed to complain.   I lose everything, but still somehow manage to pay off my most pressing bills, only to have one of them sick their extortion agents (Collection agency) on me.   I’m contractually forbidden to complain about a job that I may or may not have, except I haven’t seen any contract.

Your move

What happened to freedom of Speech? Freedom of the Press? I should be able to say anything I want to without fear of reprisal.   I understand Bloggers in the US are being sued for brand damage simply because they vented their frustrations on a blog. Often a private one at that.

Put up, shut up and above all else, pay up.   Everyone else is allowed to be free except you!   Freedom of speech isn’t for everyone, is it now?   In truth, We have no inalienable rights.   In fact we have no real rights at all.

If a governmental agency wants to do something otherwise against a law, they can change it to suit their needs or the needs of their friends and contributors.   They can also use the notwithstanding clause.   They hold the cards in this stacked deck.   The game is poker and the stake is your life.

Sure, there is a small chance that everything will turn out allright, but the odds of that are infintessimal.   More than likely you will suffer some of the worst tortures these sadistic mobsters er- monsters can think up.

There is no chance to breathe.   Breath is a luxury and with luxury comes tax.   Any attempt to retaliate will be quashed and the punishment will be exponentially harsher than warranted by the crime.

This world is sick and evil and we’re forced to be cruel to one another in order to survive.   Those most evil may prosper, while those who are good usually suffer for it.   I know.   Heavy complaining.

Now the horrible truth.

North America is run as a totalitarian Dictatorship in a way that nobody will notice.   The reason is largely because we DEMAND it to be that way.

Multinational Corporations rule the world.   This is no secret.   These corporations run the world with an iron hand, constantly fight with each other.   This is mostly just for profit and resources.   They con foolhardy activists on college campuses to hate their main competition, thereby increasing their own profits.

Terrorists are also players in this game, so are all Religious organizations, schools, media and so on.   Pretty soon we’ll all change over, start taking Soma, have and raise all of our children in test-tube laboratories and pray to the Ford, except we’ll all be using Helicopters instead of cars.

Oh Brave New World.   Well, totalitarian regimes could and often have been much worse than the one in Brave New World.   The worst thing about a lot of this is that political entities such as “countries” are also completely mixed up in all this.

The truth is that we are all just little insignificant specks that make up a grossly giant corporate wheel and have been since before the great biblical deluge.   According to certain “kooks” mankind was a genetically engineered race intended for use as slaves.   As such, we enslave each-other as well as ourselves and we seek to be enslaved if there is no work immediately available to us.   We are largely chasing one of the worst inventions in the history of mankind and that is money.

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