Postcards from The Edge

Hugo Trottier’s Postcards From the Edge Series

In the middle of the night many of us shut our eyes, lose our thoughts and let go of the day. In the middle of the night when many of us are sleeping, dreaming and talking in our sleep, there are artists crafting pieces together that will ultimately change our perspectives, open our eyes and stimulate our senses.

Forget The Box would like to introduce Hugo Trottier’s second series, Postcards from the Edge. The series is a visual representation of how there is still beauty amidst the destruction in our industrialized world. It is where beauty meets the beast. There is a common theme amongst the photos in this series. If you pay attention you will notice the supermodels, you will notice the destruction… but do you notice the umbrellas?

When we examine umbrellas closely they seem so simple, so innocent, so protective. And they are. They are the shields that hide us from the rain, the cold hard rain that comes down and washes away the sadness that fills our lives. But, in this series, the umbrellas do not protect the beauty; rather they are simply an allusion to the precautions we must take in life. We all want a protector or do we?

We have seen destruction in this lifetime. We have seen hurt, poverty, black, white and gray. We have seen the sun, the colours and hippies. But, do we truly see what happens when your protector meets the darkness and what the mind can create in the late or early hours of a midnight sky? Hugo’s collection portrays the innocence of life, the werewolf in your bed and the rays of light that are sometimes forgotten in this busy world.

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  • Hugo’s art shows his vast range creativity and talent. He way he captures the moment and emotion in a photo is beyond impressive.
    He is a master of capturing raw beauty ,I wish him much luck in his endeavors.

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