Print is Alive and Well: FTB on Paper is the Future!

It's the future, get used to it!

As Editor-in-Chief of Forget The Box, I have the distinct pleasure of making a very special announcement: FTB is moving away from the online playground and changing to an all-print format effective almost immediately (we’re giving you the rest of the day to accept the change). But fear not, loyal readers, you can still get your daily dose of news, current events, arts, show reviews and lifestyle reporting, you’re just going to have to do a bit of legwork to acquire it.

Since our beginning, we have always been a media organization that prides itself on bucking trends and paving new frontiers and this move is in perfect keeping with that approach. Everyone is moving most of their operations online these days, sacrificing valuable print distribution routes and opening up prime spots and opportunities for upstart publications like ours.

We’re not hoping on any bandwagon here, we’re building the wagon from scratch based on the model that sustained so many media entities for years, nay decades. This is the future, people, a bright and sunny future (bright and sunny also because there will be less trees, thanks to us).

“Fine, I get it, I can still read FTB,” you say, “but what about the videos?” Well, thanks to our new partnership deal with Blockbuster, the receipt you get from purchasing FTB Magazine (hey, don’t shoot us, even The New York Times is charging now) will get a discount on rentals of Disney films at any Blockbuster location in the greater Montreal area.

Speaking of the greater Montreal area, well, that’s the only place you can get FTB for the next little while. In fact, you can only get it in the Plateau, but if you live in the Plateau you already know that there’s no reason to leave the Plateau anyways. Well, maybe for a job or friends, but there are jobs in the Plateau and friends who live south of Sherbrooke or west of du Parc, seriously people: can you really trust them?

So you can now find us at all the hip spots like Pharmaprix, Subway and American Apparel. If you’re smart, you’ll know where to find us and if you’re smart, you’ll predict my next line:



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