PS I Love You is very likeable & AIDS Wolf is noisey PS I Love You & AIDS Wolf live @ Cabaret Juste pour rire

Photo by Chris ZacchiaThe REAL day one of M for Montreal included Elephant Stone, Marco Calliari and Jason Bajada, PS I Love You, Black Feelings and AIDS Wolf. I’m starting to notice there is a lack of real show goers at M for Montreal. A wise music writer told me that M for Montreal is actually for panelists and delegates. Something should be done about this. In the meantime, here are the goods on PS I Love You and AIDS Wolf…

PS I Love You are extremely likeable in the real world and the virtual world (go Like them on Facebook). has been pushing this band for a couple of months. Until last night, I never plugged them into my ears or really took them into account as an iPod playlist option. This was a mistake and I’m making up for it by encouraging you (and me) to make that long overdue PS I Love You playlist. Doooo ittttttt.

The PS I Love you duo, Paul Saulnier (vocals/guitar) and Benjamin Nelson (drums/guitar), have produced unique indie-pop songs that hang from the edge of rock and dance with an electric sound. Take this idea and combine it with Paul’s heart-achingly warm vocals and Benjamin Nelson’s stellar guitar playing and you’ve got yourself something worth exposing all your friends to.

Their performance last night was anything but shy, rather more stimulating and awakening (it woke me up from my lazy zone). Watching Paul use his guitar pedal to swing his tunes from simple to complex and odd rhythms gave that extra push you wish more bands would shove in your face. The majority of their songs match the YouTube attention span we have all developed. This is great, because you don’t get bored and wonder to yourself, “is this song really still going on? WTF?” (I’m a big fan of short and sweet, unless it’s Broken Social Scene).

PS I Love You performed at Cabaret Juste pour Rire last night, November 18, 2010. If you missed PS I Love You’s performance last night go check out their soundcloud or MySpace while you’re getting ready to pursue your Friday night adventures. It’s good pumping up music (or so I think…but I’m an strange cat).

I stuck around for some of AIDS Wolf. I’m not one to listen to the noise genre often, but exposure is always a good thing. The lead vocalist has a stage presence (and ground presence as she jumped into the crowd) that will keep your eyes in gridlock the entire time. She is stretching and sweeping across the stage. Though their genre is not my favourite style, they are worth seeing and being talked about. If you like noise music and entertaining performances, check them out. If you don’t like either of those things, check them out anyway (get outside your comfort zone!).

(Photographer’s note: I really liked the attitude on these guys! All three of them brought that ‘balls to the walls’ stage presence you would expect from a noise band. Chloe, the singer, had make-up smeared on her face and deep throat-ed the microphone with the skill of a pro. (which I’m sure caught the attention of more then a few male audience members) What was really impressive however was the range of bizarre and rhythmic sounds produced by this petite rockstar! I also really need to bring attention to the moustache sported by the drummer… Some serious fu manchu!)

Cool beans. Here’s tonight and tomorrow’s lineup. Check ya out later.

PS I Love You and AIDS Wolf played November 18, 2010 @ Cabaret Juste pour rire. We heard and loved PS I Love you. We were shocked by AIDS Wolf and it was worth taking pictures to share with you.

Photos by Chris Zacchia

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