Quebec Begins Vaccinating the General Public Against COVID-19 Next Week, Starting with People 85 and Older

As of this Thursday, Montrealers born in 1936 or earlier can register online or by phone to be vaccinated as of next week against COVID-19. Quebecers in the same age group living outside of Montreal can sign up for their vaccines the following week.

Quebec Premier François Legault made the announcement during a press conference at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, one of the large venues turned into makeshift public vaccination centres.

Quebec is currently using the Pfizer vaccine, which requires two doses. When people get their first dose, they will be given an appointment for their second, which the government hopes will be within 90 days.

The plan is to give as many people as possible in the first group their first dose in the next two weeks and then move on to the next group. The government hasn’t decided if it will favour Montreal for the next stages as well as it is in the first.

The government has a list of ten ranks for its COVID vaccination priorities. This includes groups like people in seniors’ residences who have already, for the most part, been vaccinated. It does not include the 85+ group announced today.

While nothing is 100% certain, when it comes to the general population, the rollout list now looks something like this (source: Montreal Gazette)

  1. People 85 years old and older
  2. People 80 to 85 years old
  3. People 70 to 79 years old
  4. People 60 to 69 years old
  5. Adults under 60 with a risk of complications from COVID-19
  6. Essential workers and other health-care workers
  7. Other adults

Ultimately, every adult in the province is supposed to be vaccinated by the fall, but this is contingent on Quebec receiving all the vaccine doses, including the Moderna vaccine doses, they are expecting.

People must travel to a vaccination centre to take the Pfizer vaccine.

People can sign up for vaccines at or by calling 1-877-644-4545. The government asks that people only call when it’s their group’s turn

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