Quebec Election Drinking Game

Quebec drinking game

Quebec drinking game

Ok, so you’ve cast your vote and are now sitting around your living room or bar (same thing for some) and are watching the election results roll in. It’s time to play the Quebec Election Drinking Game! The rules are pretty simple:

Take one drink every time:

  • “Bill 101” or “Language Laws” is mentioned
  • “Referendum”, “Separation” or “Sovereignty” is mentioned
  • “Corruption” is mentioned
  • “Secularism” is mentioned
  • The Student Strike is mentioned
  • Quebec is referred to as “notre pays”
  • Reporters differentiate between the “nous” and “vous”
  • the 57% turnout in the 2008 election is mentioned
  • Someone reads out a #twitter comment

Take two drinks:

  • “Reasonable accommodation” is mentioned by a news reporter or otherwise
  • “Bill 78” is mentioned
  • “Plan Nord” is mentioned
  • The “4-5-0” is mentioned
  • “ADQ” is mentioned
  • MNA or candidate is wearing the red square
Gabrielle Nadeau Dubois
Gabrielle Nadeau Dubois – Photo Chris Zacchia

Take three drinks:

  • You see a “Patriotes” flag
  • Québec Solidaire gains a seat
  • The future NDP Provincial Party is mentioned
  • The Quebec Nordiques are mentioned
  • If Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois is interviewed
  • The “Anglophone Exodus” is mentioned
  • A student voter says they didn’t vote (on principal or otherwise)
  • If someone starts talking about a #twitter fight

Take five drinks:

  • Amir Khadir throws a shoe
  • The “ethnic vote” is cited in reference to “disappointing” election results
  • François Legault wins the election
  • Jacques Parizeau interviewed
  • Option Nationale, any Independent, or the Green Party wins a seat
  • If Charest doesn’t win his riding
  • If the CAQ wins the election
  • If the PQ wins the electionPauline Marois

Take two shots:

  • Gilles Duceppe makes an appearance at a PQ rally

Finish your drink:

  • Pauline Marois speaks English
  • Jean Charest resigns as leader of the PLQ
  • Jean Charest wins the election

Finish a bottle:

  • Pauline Marois and the PQ win a majority government

But remember, you can’t complain about the results if you didn’t vote. Go out and let your voice be heard one way or another… Then drown your sorrows in booze.

Stay safe and happy election night!

Hat tip to Redditor: MDevonL

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