Quebec’s Tears of Entitlement – Canada’s Shame

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As a student living in Ontario, I pay more for tuition than Quebec students. I don’t have any scholarships. I pay full price. If I was told I would be paying around $450+ more a year, I honestly wouldn’t care. I really fail to see why students in Quebec are taking this so difficultly.

And why is that? Why does Quebec seemingly expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter filled with cheese curds? Why? Keep in mind, this is the same province that got its panties in a bunch when the Montreal Canadiens hired a coach who couldn’t speak French. Everything has to be a certain way in Quebec. And if it’s not done “right”, or different, then everyone goes bonkers. Can’t turn right on a red light either. Gah.

I have heard numerous attempts by Quebec students and their supporters to make the protests (riots) seem acceptable. Things such as claiming that the Quebec students are doing it for all of Canada, or that the real issue is debt. If you don’t want debt, don’t pay for something you can’t afford. It’s that simple. But such is the issue with the left-wing ideology. Even NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair can’t handle his affairs. But that’s besides the point. The thing is, in the real world, things are not just handed to you. I’ve learned this throughout my life. I would have hoped others would have too.

The issue I have with a lot of these students is what they think they’re going to get with a pointless degree. Majoring in 17th century art history sounds interesting, but you’re not going to get a job with that major. You’re wasting your time. And wanting the government – the tax payer – to waste our money, your time, and not accomplish anything just isn’t how the world works. I was taking film of all things. Film. Then I dropped out because I realized no one is going to care whether or not I know three characters from an old Mexican film no one has ever heard of, wants to see, or wishes to read about on IMDb. There’s just too many basket-weaving courses out there and there aren’t enough baskets that need weaving in the world for everyone. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth.

The whole argument that it’s all of Canada Quebec is fighting for is utter lunacy. I have not seen a single Canadian flag at any of these protests. Instead, I constantly see the blue and white symbol of entitlement. The flag that resembles a province that doesn’t see eye-to-eye with the rest of Canada. A province of xenophobia and bills far worse than Bill 78. How about before Bill 78 gets shredded, a certain other bill is destroyed first? That’s what I want. And I could give you 101 reasons why too, but I’m not going to. At least, if such an event were to occur, it would make me nod in approval to my neighbouring province. Maybe not in respect. But just a friendly nod. You know, like when you see your neighbor take out the trash every garbage day?

The point is, Quebec should suck it up. If you don’t want to pay anything, work hard, and get a scholarship. If you are going to accumulate debt, make sure you know what you’re doing with your life so you can actually pay it back. Grow some balls (they don’t have to be large, just visible), and do something with your life other than acting like the big bad government is out to get you, because it’s not. The fact is, I find this utterly pathetic. There’s no revolution happening. There’s nothing worth fighting for. There is just so much more you can be doing right now than marching in the street, screaming and rioting. I’ll leave you with this…

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  • I was hoping for something interesting and structured to read but but putting everything in the same dish and hitting the start button in the microwave is sad on your part. Can you make it more generalized and add some folklore tales?

  • why don’t you just go make some kd and stay in your cave, weave so more important baskets of video game rhetoric and just leave being canadian to someone else

    •  Oh, I would leave being Canadian to someone who knows what they’re doing. The students (Quebec students, might I add) know nothing of the sort.

  • Since when did “being Canadian” become synonymous with thinking like the same kind of corporation-loving neo-con or neo-liberal that is actually happy that an international joke like Harper is PM. The protesters in Quebec know more about Canadian values than most.

    •  If you think breaking into a university when people are trying to learn, uttering death threats, rioting, disobeying laws, and damaging property is part of Canadian values, then you’re mistaken.

      Quite frankly, that isn’t Canada. It won’t be Canada.

  • I invite you to come on my terrasse have a drink in Montreal so we can have an interesting discussion about this important issue, I think you might of been reading to much Macleans. I m sure I could enlighten you on a few things and I wont take gratuitous stabs at your beliefs.

  • A desperate attempt on this author’s part to contain the issue to Quebec, and specifically the tuition increase, even in the wake of spreading protests across the country (and across the globe). I would have understood where this person is coming from if this article came out in March, even then it’s taking some very broad strokes, but for this to be posted on June 10th is almost laughable. This individual hasn’t been paying close enough attention, as I think it’s fairly obvious by now that these protests are a symptom of much larger unrest in Canada and around the world.

    • The issue is non-existant or made to seem bigger than it actually is. People have to be smart with their money and try to advance their lives. The fact of the matter is these riots and protests, if you want to call them that, have been going on for too long…

      As far as other parts of the world, you’re right. There are idiots in every country who believe making everything free* is the best idea ever and will make the world a magical place with smiles and rainbows.

      *nothing is actually free. 

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