Raindance Montreal Booze n’ Shmooze Tonight

I’m no cinematographer, but I’m pretty stoked about this. Strarted by a Canadian in London 19 years ago, Raindance is an indepnedent film festival, but from the looks of things it’s way more than that.

With 55 000 members worldwide and offices in six cities (including Montreal, woohoo!) they hold courses, learn from each other and make collective art. When you think about all the creative people it takes to put on a movie (which I never really considered) you start to realize how many opportunities this provides for that thing you’re awesome at that you don’t know what to do with.

Got a knack for costumes? They need you. Obsessively scribbling your way to
nowhere? This is somewhere. Videographers, actors, directors, people looking to invest (read: Raindance Montreal is currently running on no budget and big dreams), this is the ground floor; get on in.

I happen to know the vivacious lady running Montreal Raindance, Johanna Stosik, and her vision is to “centralize and help the independent film movement in Montreal…..What I really want to do is get a group a people together every second Saturday to shoot a short film. Write a script
and shoot. Write and shoot. Just keep banging them out so everyone keeps getting experience. Kamikaze shooting, baby!”

She can’t do it alone though, and I’m sure she can explain it better
herself (plus she’s irresistably compelling in person), so come on down to the First Ever Raindance Montreal Booze’N’Schmooze tonight at Else’s Pub, 156 Roy East, with the full deets being right here on Facebook for your convenience. What does a Montreal Film Festival look like? Let’s build it and find out.

Check this vid for a little background on Raindance as a whole, find them in the Twitterverse @Raindance.

Questions can be directed to Johanna at jo@raindancecanada.com,

Find me @McMoxy

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