Raising the FUN level in Vegas – FTB fundraiser

You know those PBS pledge drives? Sure you do. The ones with all the top stars from the shows you love sitting at a row of telephones, smiling those kind of smiles that only contractual obligation can inspire. Well, this Saturday, FTB is going that route, except with no phones, no phony and a helluva lot more booze.

You see this site, as you probably know, is publishing new and highly original content dealing with a variety of subjects every day and frequently twice a day. We have a team of dedicated writers, editors, photographers and even marketing people all striving to bring our media collective, the people and groups we cover and the ideas we have to the forefront. We’re also the 5 047 539th ranked site on the internet (take that Jim’s Plumbing dot com)!

What we don’t have is money. None of us are being paid for the work we do on this site. While we’re fine with that, as it’s what we love to do and something we feel is very important for the communities we represent, and our media landscape as a whole, we also realize that with a steady cashflow, things could be easier and we as a team could be much more productive.

If we didn’t have to manage our time between contributing here and doing something else for cash (you can’t media comp food), if we had the kind of resources that other media outlets take for granted and even see as essential, we could focus all of our time on creating the content you love.

The first step on this road to a bit more dough, we feel, is to incorporate as a non-profit. To do that, you guessed it, we also need money, so (now pay attention, because this is where you come in) we’re holding a FUN-raiser. That’s right, a FUN-raiser. Yes, we’ll be trying to raise money for us, but to do that, we will raise the fun level for you (and us too).

We’re taking over the popular underground hotspot Vegas in Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood this Saturday, November 20th and throwing a party with live music, comedians, prizes, booze, pins (you’ll see) and of course the FTB team. The whole thing, appropriately enough, has a speakeasy theme, so come speak easy and raise a glass with us.

The whole thing gets underway at midnight, there’s no cover but donations are, uhm, encouraged and drinks will be aplenty. If you know where Vegas is, then that’s where the party is. If not, well, hmm, okay, nudge nudge, wink wink, email forgetthebox@forgetthebox.net with Vegas party in the subject line and let us know why you want to raise fun with us.

If you can’t make it, you suck, seriously “I live in Vancouver” might work on your mom, but we’re media folk…:) If you really can’t make it, though, you can also support independent arts by donating to FTB via PayPal below:

Either way, thank you for supporting independent media and hope to see you forgetting the box and raising fun with us at Vegas!

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