Ramadanman Knows How to Make You Sweat!

Okay, I admit it! Sometimes I can be a little snobbish. I don’t really like it when a place is too packed–too sweaty, or when I feel I could be the mother of the kids in a nightclub (okay, I’m exaggerating here…I’m not even 30 yet). I normally tend to stay away from hip events like the first visit of the new «dubstep » idol David Kennedy, a.k.a Ramadanman, at Club Lambi. However, last Thursday, I decided to listen to the kid in me since the young producer seemed to have something new to offer to the scene.

The evening started with a bottle of gin and some great storytelling at my place with a friend, who had just arrived from Europe. The mood was set and around 1am we decided to brave the cold weather and headed to Lambi. We, unfortunately, missed Zed Bias set, Ramadanman was already spinning and it felt like the tropics in there. As feared, most of the people were under 20 years old but with the help of my friend’s gin, I didn’t care much, and I was there to dance!


Kennedy, despite his young age, had impressive music knowledge, and didn’t limit himself to dubstep. We heard a fair amount of house, hip-hop, acid house, breakbeat and, of course, dubstep. This set brought back the memories of a time when Peer Pressure used to host parties at vinyl and where you could hear a blend of hip hop and electro for a diverse crowd. I would have loved to see more interaction with the enthusiastic dancers, but we can’t ask every DJ to act like rockstars.

Talking about the crowd… it was quite annoying to see a couple of groupies wasted on the stage sending text messages.  I mean, fine, you want to get closer to the DJ but do you really have to be so addicted to your phone?

Overall, it was a good night and it made me step out of the deep-house bubble I was in since I got back from Europe. Summer is at our doorstep and this party was a great reminder that hip-hop inspired beat is the best to set a crowd on fire. If you’re curious about Ramadanman’s DJ skills you should listen to this mix he made for Sunday Best.

Ramadanman Remix Showreel by Reprise Agency

Photo from last.fm

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